When it comes to email marketing, almost everyone knows that in order to build list generating income, a lot of work must be done in order to gain traffic for one’s website; gain the trust of potential clients; and ultimately, gain specific information like name, email address and the clients’ willing consent to receive your newsletter. Automated list builder software applications with their opt-in box fill out forms like Aweber, GetResponse and 1shoppingcart, can help greatly in the list building process. Other service provides like Clickbank can also elevate the volume of the online marketer’s list. Online applications like squeeze page and other less convention list building software are also used to make money online. But is that really enough?

Naturally, if you are an online marketer, settling for a comfortable cache of people on your list is like sitting behind a lemonade stall at one street corner of town. You are basically waiting for your usual patrons to drop by and hoping that all of them come out in force, so that business will be good for the day. In other words, you are leaving everything to chance, which is as good as wasted time in the virtual market area. Seasoned online marketers know that in order to make more money, you need to explore other options of acquiring more customers as well. Here is where techniques like adswaps and giveaway events come in. So what exactly are these?

According to some how-to-build-a-list tutorials, adswaps is the practice of exchanging your list with another online marketer for the sheer chance of marketing the product, service, or idea you are promoting to another list of people. This works particularly well if both you and this other online marketer are dealing in the same market niche. Most list building tutorial videos make passing references to this kind of practice but do not really teach how this is done. This is simply due to the fact that adswaps work more on the level of a verbal or virtual agreement between two or more online marketers. You communicate with another marketer, you exchange your views and you basically trade off lists – it’s that simple. Once the agreement is sealed, you can send your email promotion to your new list, and the other marketer can do the same to the list you have given him or her.

On the other hand, giveaway events serve the same purpose as adswaps… only on a larger, more massive scale. In these gatherings, several online marketers from different niches all come together with other like minded individuals for the chance to get “freebies” like list building videos, new lists of incoming marketable software, and even new (un-launched) products. This can be done via an online electronic conference or an actual conference. Here, marketers exchange lists on their own, and a good event (one with the most number of participants) can help a marketer net as much as 10,000 new potential clients in only a few minutes of socializing. This is particularly beneficial to online marketers who are dealing with several items all at once with different marketing niches.

In 12 months time, Christopher Freville was able to build his email marketing list from a scraggly few to over 50,000 subscribers through many effective strategies that include adswaps giveaway events. And his success as an online marketer is now netting him over ,000 a month. He uses his own software application for list building called Automated List Builder.
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