You do not have to be on the Internet very long trying to build a business before someone is going to tell you to build a list. Have you ever wondered exactly what that means?

Here is exactly what list building means to your business.

A list is a group of people that agree to receive follow messages from you. This is an important point I want to make because you are the one that builds your list.

You do this by having a sign-up form that people can fill out giving you their name and email address. They are willing to do this because you are trading them their contact information for something of value such as a free report that solves a problem they have.

Every time somebody gives you their name and email address it gets added to your auto responder. An autoresponder is an automatic way to send email and is exactly where the names are stored.

As you begin to develop more and more names and e-mail addresses you are building your list! As an Internet marketer this list can be worth thousands of dollars to you in the future.

Think about that from a marketing standpoint. You now have been given permission to contact your subscribers anytime you want via email.

You put quality into this list by becoming a trusted provider of useful information. You make your money by mixing in this useful information with products that you sell.

The value of having a list is literally thousands of dollars in the bank on a monthly basis. I know this is true because I have seen it firsthand from successful Internet marketers who have lists of thousands of subscribers.

If you do nothing else with your Internet business than concentrate on building a large mailing list, you can make a tremendous amount of money in the future and run a very successful business of your own.

You may be confused as to how to promote your business online so that should give you some direction. By promoting web pages or splash pages that contain sign-up forms to your mailing list, you are doing the most important thing you can for your business.

Right now, you don’t need to worry about Google Adwords, ezine advertising, classified advertising, or really anything else for the time being. What you do want to do is work on article marketing, and forum marketing with links back to your splash page for quality subscribers and building your list.

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