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List Building – How Important Is It?

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Sometimes I am asked questions that are brilliant in their simplicity. I consider them brilliant because they open a door to understanding that I may not have thought to explore or articulate before.

For instance I have always said that list building is an important concept in email marketing, but I was asked the question, “How important is list building?”

At first glance it would be easy to say, “It’s really important.” However, that expression simply provides a vague portent of doom if the client fails to build their list in a comprehensive way.

Let me paint a picture for you.

You have developed an online business using products derived from a supplier that your immediate contacts are raving about. As you apply list building techniques more and more email addresses are added to your database.

There may come a time when the supplier of the products you sell goes out of business. If you have developed your entire business on one specific product you may come to believe your business has come to an end or that you need to start a new business from scratch.

If, however, you can develop two or more product lines sold under one business umbrella then something wonderful can happen when a supplier goes the way of the dodo bird.

This is the point where your email list becomes more important than the products you are no longer able to sell.


If you have built your list organically and the individuals represented by that list have discovered a trust in you then the occasional shift in product lines can often be viewed as a greater service to the customers.

Do you see what has happened? The list building becomes more important to the success of your overall business than the product lines you carry.

At some point the customers develop a trust in you and your ability to provide quality products and service. It is even possible to have an occasional revolving door when it comes to product lines and still hold on to most of your list.

When you are able to establish trust with a large list you gain greater flexibility in product lines and business opportunities because most of the list will remain interested in your business even if they don’t take advantage of every offer you send.

This scenario is impossible to duplicate with rented lists. Admittedly this process can take time to develop, but it holds the greatest promise for long-term email marketing.

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Profitable List Building: What Is Your Irresistible Free Offer and Why Is It So Important?

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It has come to my attention that many people need help getting up to speed with the language of profitable List Building.

This is the foundation that will help you create your own proven list building system from the beginning – or help you rebuild your system in a way that WORKS. Read on to learn the first answer answer to the question… What is your Irresistible Free Offer and Why Is It SO Important?

Your Irresistible Free Offer is the invitation you create that is THE reason your prospect “opts in” to your email database. It’s the “bait” that “hooks” them to become your subscriber.

For those of you who are really new to the world of list building, I want to be sure you’re tracking along – when a website visitor is interested in your Irresistible Free Offer, they can decide they want it and they will opt-in to your list. This means they fill out the form asking for their information, usually name & email address.

2 Big Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

One mistake that happens with most people who are trying to build a list community is that they mistake what they think their prospect needs with what their prospect really wants. It’s vitally important before you can truly profit big with list building, that you uncover what your perfect prospect wants from you – and then give them a free taste of your expertise.

A second mistake is giving too much away. Most purpose-driven entrepreneurs (the kind I usually attract) definitely make this mistake and it just breaks my heart… Just give one golden nugget they can use. If you give everything away, most likely all your great content won’t be valued as it should AND you will not make any sales because you’ve left your new subscriber “full” and unable to handle anymore.

What your Free Irresistible Offer should be:

*something they really want
*easily consumable
*juicy or sexy, not boring (you can make most things more exciting than you think, but it does require some thought)
*clearly benefit-driven – letting your prospect know the outcome it will help them achieve

The bottom line:

You already have a wealth of amazingly valuable gifts, expertise, talents, information, products and services, yet no matter how FABULOUS your stuff is… it doesn’t matter if you have very few people to offer them to. Worse, it’s almost as if they didn’t exist.

You’re doing your prospects a disservice when you don’t put enough thought into what your Irresistible Free Offer is – because prospects won’t become subscribers and if they don’t – they’ll most likely NEVER become your paying customers.

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Introducing Surveysponder For The Two Most Important Internet Marketing Methods Your Business Needs

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The two most important internet market strategies today are using autoresponders and survey programs with your promotional activities, according to “Autoresponder Renaissance,” by Paul Soltoff of *The ClickZ Network. ClickZ is a large resource of interactive marketing research, news and other helpful information, online and off., covering technology and marketing trends with industry experts.

Soltoff reports that his company has been using autoresponders for a long time as an important part of their sales and marketing systems. And he notes that today’s autoresponders even offer a new way to combat violating spam laws that online marketers continually have to face. Plus when used creatively, like with popular survey programs, for instance, he says that autoresponders even boast new response methods, further opening lines of communications between businesses and prospects from a variety of advertising channels, including email.

Hence autoresponders are bound to make professional lives and a variety of business activities easier and more hassle-free. In fact, features to consider while selecting an autoresponder include:

* RSS-ability: any message in the autoresponder can be delivered via RSS. Your autoresponder can give you a subscriber option for receiving messages by emails or RSS.

* Offer choices: Your autoresponder system must understand your customers and it must alter your replies according to precise needs of the customer.

* Make offers: your autoresponder should make offers according to the customers’ interests.

* Deliverability: your autoresponders must help you develop multiple lists to serve your varied purposes.

* Split testing: It must also help you perform split mailings.

* Automation: your set up must automatically generate ‘subscription forms’ with point and click ease.

Find these features and many more by searching online for popular autoresponders. Or head to one site with all the bells and whistles called SurveySponder.

About SurveySponder

SurveySponder offers several different easy-to-use autoresponders packages at affordable prices. This alone is bound to give a powerful and long lasting boost to your profits, allowing you to form a personalized relationship with your clients around the world.

The autoresponder messages at SurveySponder can be highly customized to help you efficiently manage customers so as to meet their particular standards. SurveySponder helps you to develop multiple lists and enables you to communicate with your customers according to their unique interests and demographics. You can even make offers based on location as well as financial status of a particular client. SurveySponder autoresponders have an optional feature that allows you to insert up to 50 customized questions with drop down boxes. You in turn use the answers to deliver exactly what your subscriber wants.

Different people, such as amateur marketers or even professional writers, or editors, can use these autoresponders. They do not require any long term contracts, making the autoresponder service a great deal for price-conscious customers. And anybody can now write to designers, lawyers, sales executives as well as customers who need answers to their queries by creating messages with automation through autoresponders by SurveySponder.

SurveySponder accounts are extremely helpful for people who are new to marketing strategies and deals available on the internet. For example, these autoresponders are also great for expanding internet markets that make use of authentic customer data to make more sales. And for marketers who build affiliate programs and want to get paid instantly, SurveySponder is a great option as it can be easily employed with delivery scripts. Plus you can:

1) Manage your mails and messages, you can view and edit them through autoresponders.

2) The autoresponder allows you to access split mailing facilities along with letting you copy or edit messages from other autoresponders.

3) You will also be able to easily mail your edited messages to your clients in accordance with their fields and interests.

4) With help of autoresponders, you can send emails with custom fields or by demographics.

5) You can view your email history and can also create test messages.

6) Your autoresponder can redirect customers to the ‘Thank you page’ on the server that is addressed with that particular client’s name.

SurveySponder Bonus

There is big bonus for all those who wish to avail autoresponder services. For those of you who have already subscribed to autoresponder services from they will be able to access the preloaded autoresponder series in a few days, which not only has private label rights (PLR) content but will also save you time by loading that content for you.

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*”Autoresponder Renaissance,” by Paul Soltoff, The ClickZ Network, Dec 15, 2003.

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Email Marketing Application Free Important Roadmap

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Are you searching for information related to email marketing application or other information somehow related to Opt in Email List Marketing, or Email Marketing Tip? If yes, this article will give you helpful insights related to email marketing application and even somehow related to Email Marketing Response and Email Marketing Laws that you might not have been aware of.

Finally, the fact is that although some people complain about direct email promotion, the reality is that direct email promotion is effective. The rate of return between pieces sent out and responses received is considered to be at the high end when it comes to direct email promotion. Naturally, you will want to make very certain that you comply fully with all statutes, regulations and rules pertaining to direct email promotion on the Net.

Affiliates who make colossal amounts of money online are usually experts at promotion and many are constantly searching for tips via email newsletters and from promotion sites that will dramatically impact on their traffic and affiliate revenues.

The second intermediate step that you will want to take when it comes to your targeted email promotion efforts is to work towards breaking down your master emailing list into appropriate niches. Your success with this type of targeted email promotion depends entirely on your ability to appropriately identify targeted or niche markets.

Unlike many people out there, don’t forget that even if this article related to email marketing application doesn’t cover all the basics you wanted, you can always take a look at any of the search engines like or for more email marketing application related information.

Personalize all of your email promotion messages to give your messages a personal feel. Make your email seem as believed it was written for that one reader and not the hundreds or thousands of others on your list.

Email promotion is a form of direct promotion that is even more effective than traditional direct promotion. The traditional direct promotion relies on regular mail, and it usually takes days for mail to reach recipients. One of the advantages of email promotion is that it is instant. You send out a message, and it reaches the recipients immediately.

Follow the rules – Follow the rules of an email. Otherwise, your emails may be marked as spam. This will hamper your email promotion efforts. You may be banned or blocked from reaching the readers. Therefore, follow the rules.

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Why Permission List Building is So Important

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You may be wondering why permission list building is so important. After all, there are many different ways that you could work on creating your email lists. You can purchase lists, you can collect addresses from around the web and you can do either of those much more quickly than you could build a large permission based list. So why is permission list building so important?

First of all, you need to know what permission list building is. Permission list building is the collection of email addresses and related information such as name and company name to add people to your email list. The key is that people willingly give up this information because they want to be on your list and they want to hear from you. They directly offer their permission by giving this information up to you on their own.

The truth is that a permission based list is the only way to derive success from any kind of email campaign. Other methods of generating email addresses for your list are either illicit, illegal or both. You can run afoul of the CAN-SPAM act, and can end up in serious trouble, managing an ineffective campaign that doesn’t produce any results.

Further, a permission based list is going to be filled with people who actually want to hear from you. This means you’ll be reaching a group of people who are much more likely to first of all actually open your messages and secondly take what you have to say seriously. You’ll have a much better time converting these people into paying customers or clients, or having them take whatever other action that you’re looking for.

A list of names and addresses collecting randomly from around the web or purchased from a supplier is just going to be very low quality. If people don’t know who you are, if they aren’t expecting to hear from you and if they don’t care what you have to say, then all of your mail messages will simply be falling on deaf ears, no matter how many you have in your list.

You shouldn’t even try to sneak in a handful or two of email addresses that you collected or harvested from another website or another email list. This is because when people start hitting their SPAM button on you, or when your mail gets instantly sent to the trash box of your list members, the quality of your entire campaign suffers. In the eyes of the Internet Service Providers, or ISPs, you begin to show telltale signs of being a spammer. Your deliverability rate will go down across the board, even for people that want to receive your emails, and your campaigns will suffer greatly as a result.

Clearly, permission list building is the way to go. Collect email addresses whenever and wherever you can, as long as someone expressly wants to sign up for your list. Have a signup form on your website, put a signup sheet in your store, meet people at conferences and trade shows and more. Whatever you do, just make sure that it’s directed at creating high quality, permission based list.

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Email Marketing Software is an Important Ingredient For Restaurants

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Email marketing software might not make your food taste any better, however it will help pack your tables and your reservation list. In the fiercely competitive food service industry, it is very important that you market your restaurant to guarantee that customers are frequently dining at your establishment. But, for many restaurant owners, they have a hard time competing against the multi-million dollar marketing budgets of the major national franchises. However, a new weapon in the arsenal of restaurant owners has emerged that helps level the battle field. This new tool, which restaurant owners around the globe are starting to take advantage of, is simple and effective.

By harnessing the strength of email marketing, all restaurant owners can effortlessly execute top-notch campaigns with just a few clicks of their mouse. The days of hiring over-priced designers or absorbing costly printing fees for conventional flyer campaigns are finally a thing of the past.

Establishments of all kinds have all started understanding the value of collecting customers’ email addresses, allowing them to follow-up with their clientele with the idea of bringing them back into the restaurant. From fast-food to upscale restaurants, asking for your customers email address in the way of a signup sheet by the cash register or comment card on the table is no longer the least bit invasive and is the initial step towards powering your. While your restaurant may not manufacture an extensive contact list overnight, after a few weeks of assertively gathering contact information, you will have enough data to upload into your email marketing software and to start reaping all the benefits.

The majority of email marketing solutions will allow you to easily add your contacts online. In addition, the top tier email marketing software programs will allow you to partition your data into different groups. With this ability, you can now separate your contacts by meal times (for example, lunch vs. dinner) which lets run a specifically targeted email marketing campaign.

Once you have successfully put together your establishments contact list (which is an on-going process) you can commence with your creative and marketing juices and run wild as you prepare to launch an email marketing campaign. A main reason that email marketing is very effective in the food services industry is because it lets the restaurant branch out and communicate with their customers in a face-to-face setting right in their inbox, and away from the mess of other mass medium platforms.

Restaurants can employ all kinds of promotions using simple and effective email marketing software. One of the most popular approaches is to send out an email marketing campaign with a coupon (often referred to as an “ecoupon”). The offer can range from a certain percentage off the customer’s meal, a free desert, two-for-one dining, or anything else the restaurant owner believes will entice people to come in for another serving. The two-for-one dining is an effective strategy because the establishment is promoting both repeat business and new business in one swoop. And, of course, the new customer has the chance to sign up to the restaurant’s mailing list, so they can now also receive these special email marketing ecoupons.

Email marketing can also be used to announce and promote new menu items, special events, catering options and more. Since the people receiving the restaurant’s email have presumably already had a positive experience, the email marketing campaign provides an effective tool to keep the restaurant name on the clientele’s map. After all, the more the restaurant can keep its brand in front of the customer, the higher the chance the restaurant is to be the answer to the question: “Honey, where do you want to go for dinner?”

When engaging in email marketing, every restaurant can obtain a competitive advantage without the need to break the bank. And, in this day and age, where every restaurant is competing for the same customer’s dollar, any and all forms of an advantage is a solid ingrediant when aiming at leveling the playing field between the big national chains and the smaller independent restaurants.

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It Is Important To Choose A Good List Building Guide

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In order to be an effective e-mail marketer, it is crucial that you obtain a good quality list building guide. The reason for this is because this type of guide will ensure that you learn every aspect of e-mail marketing, such as how to build a list, how to keep that list warm, and how to effectively market that list with different products.

The problem with many new e-mail marketers is that they do not realize the depth that is involved in list building. Because of this, they are forced to learn by trial and error, which can be a costly affair in both time and money. So the first thing you should do before deciding to build any type of list, is to take your time to learn the right way to do it.

This will ensure when you finally do begin your e-mail marketing campaigns, you can feel confident knowing that every time you send out a broadcast email to your prospects, you will be able to get a good conversion rate in terms of revenue.

Be careful not to choose the wrong type of list building guide. Unfortunately, there are so many Internet marketers out there that will put a quick guide together in the hopes of making money without any thought as to helping the people they are selling their products to. So before purchasing a guide, take enough time to research the quality of it by reading what other people have to say about it.

This is not always easy to do, because many of the reviews that you will find on the Internet are usually written by affiliates, and the majority of affiliates will write a review as a way of promoting the guide they are looking to generate revenue from, so the review itself might be biased in some form or other. Of course, this is not the case with every affiliate, so it is up to you to intelligently filter out the good reviews from those that are bad.

Another way in which you can find out the quality of the list building guide you are interested in is by searching through the many reputable Internet marketing forums. Here you will usually get honest reviews, as they will be coming from people that have actually purchased the guide.

Some of the most important factors in e-mail marketing that these guides should speak about is how to:

1. Generate relevant prospects
2. Market effectively to those prospects
3. Maintain their trust throughout your marketing efforts.

Building a trusting relationship with your subscriber base is especially important. This can be achieved by offering them information that is useful, relevant and of high quality. In doing this a higher percentage of your emails to them will be opened and there is a greater likelihood that any products or services you market to them will be purchased.

In addition to the points mentioned above a good list building guide should also give detailed instructions on how to build an effective landing page, as well as what auto-responder service is the best to use for your purposes. With this information, you will find it becomes easy to build a powerful list of relevant and responsive prospects.

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Why Starting Right With Your List Building Efforts Is Important

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List building is not about getting the most patrons to subscribe to you. It is also not about sending out the most number of email promotions. Lastly, it is not about getting the most number of products, services and ideas to promote. This may sound surprising, but list building is only one step on how to make money online. That’s right. This is just one tool that an Internet marketer could and should utilize in order to gain the acceptable results – preferably, a good amount of cash on your paycheck. Admittedly, many novice online marketers focus their attention on how to build a list; as opposed to why they are making that list in the first place. And this is where the breakdown in the email marketing process happens.

First of all, list building is not the end all solution to your marketing efforts. Despite the claims of the many online gurus out there, building your own list(s) entails a lot more preparation than just getting the “information out there.” You have to think about what kind of information should be given out, how and even why you are giving out such data during such time. The misconceptions surrounding this email marketing step is partly due the fault of the numerous list building videos floating about in the World Wide Web. The free information given out by these videos is usually very brief, and certainly cannot encompass all the specifics, especially on the part regarding why anyone should do this task to boost their marketing efforts. And yet, many people still fall for these list building videos because of the deceptive way this marketing strategy is being portrayed.

A good list is not about the number of times you can send out mail via a list building software. Rather, a good list means that you are actually getting the preferred results form the people you are in contact with via your email marketing efforts. That means: in order to get those preferred results you need to make a marketing goal for each and every list you make. Some of the questions you need to address immediately are:

1. What is the ultimate goal for creating this list for this product / service / idea? What do you want your patrons to learn from your email series?
2. What are the timeliest details subscribers would want to know? What important information should be broadcasted now? What information can be held back for release on a later date? What information should never be broadcasted or at the very least, abbreviated to avoid boring the patron?
3. What is the preferred action on the part of the subscriber when you send them this mail? What is the ratio of people responding positively and those who does not seem to respond at all to alerts?
4. Why are some people not responding to these email alerts, anyway?

When you create your list, try to look at it through the perspective of the subscribers. Be extra critical with your work by learning to cite which information you think should have been given first, which information should have been given on a later date, which information should never have been posted (irrelevant materials) and which information really sells.

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Your Autoresponder Is The Most Important Tool For Generating Web Income

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The majority of the people who visit your website will not buy from you on their first visit. In fact, most people do not buy a product on the Internet until they have seen it or heard about it at least 7 times. Think about this yourself. How many times did you hear about a product or service before you actually bought it? If it is any less than 7 times, you are a little unusual. But the point is, most people need multiple exposures to a product or service before they buy it.

If you go out and spend a great deal of time and money promoting a product on the Internet and you do not have an effective way to capture and follow-up with your website visitors to remind them about the products and services you are promoting, you will lose a lot of sales. A great way to capture visitors is to offer a free subscription to your Newsletter and the autoresponder will do the job of following up with your visitors

If your sales page captures 30 subscribers after you send 100 visitors to it and you are using an autoresponder, you have a very good chance of automatically converting 10 or more of those 30 subscribers to customers in the future through your automated follow-up autoresponder/newsletter series. Remember, whenever someone visits your home page or your sales page and signs up for your newsletter, they will be automatically followed up. All of those follow-up messages are working on your behalf to provide value, build trust and ultimately lead your subscriber to buy one of your affiliate products and/or sign up for the service offered.

Your sales page should work to capture your visitor’s name and email address in the process of introducing them to the products or opportunities you are offering, and will automatically build your subscriber list in your autoresponder, which gives each of your visitor’s a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, etc. exposure to your recommended products and opportunities. This additional exposure through your automatic email follow-up series gently reminds your visitor’s about your site and gives them the opportunity to sign up when the time is right for them.

See, people do not say no to you. People usually only say no to an opportunity if the timing is not right for them. By capturing subscribers on your website and following up with them via your autoresponder, you will still be there when the timing is right for them. And you will not have to lift a finger to do this. It is all 100% automated and handled for you 24/7/365!

That is the beauty of the Internet, you never have to personally experience rejection! The system does all the sorting, qualifying and selling for you, automatically.

So, optimizing your autoresponder is very, very important since your autoresponder is your tireless, auto-pilot salesman working for you every moment of the day to follow-up with your website visitors, build trust, handle objections and ultimately make the sale and generate web income for you.

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5 Important Things the Gurus Are Not Telling You About List Building During Training

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Many of the Online Business Gurus will tell you that “The Money is in the List”, and they are absolutely right! Every online marketer knows the importance of a subscriber’s list. After attending numerous training on List Building.

I came to realize that there are important aspects of List Building that these Gurus will normally give less emphasis.

Most online marketers, who are new to this business, will fall the trap. Then realizing that they are not getting what was discussed and deliberated during the raining. And this is not good, especially if the training cost a fortune out of one’s pocket.

Here they are:

1. Traffic Sources

When building a list, you need all the traffic sources as possible. Most Gurus, will pick one to three sources, and focus on one to two from the list. Are these the top internet traffic sources? Only the Gurus know. The trouble with beginners is that, the knowledge of the trade is not in there yet. Thus, very few questions were asked on the subject. In the end, it is more of a taking (the information) and less giving (the questions). Why is this so? Obviously because the subject is new and learning curve will take time.

2. The effort needed

This is the fun part. Most Gurus will tell you how easy it is to the job. Are these Gurus telling the truth? Absolutely! This aspect of online business is relatively easy for them. Why is that so? Simply because they are Gurus which accumulated years and years of experience in doing list building activities, that to them the job is really easy. But the irony of the truth is that, for beginners, this is not a simple thing to do. The important part here is that, somebody has to ask the Guru some hard questions.

3. How to do it correctly

There is a tendency that not everything is given or discussed in the training environment. A lot of reasons can be attributed to this reality. Time constraint is a big factor here. Not to mention someone in the class asking something of less value sometimes. This also eats up the training time. Remember that you need all the traffic sources as possible? To tap these sources, different type of effort maybe required on how to do it properly. Thus, you need longer time to master the techniques on how to do it correctly.

4. Proof that it is working

This is another fun part of the Training. Most of the proof shown that I have seen during the trainings that I have attended, are outdated! But in fairness to the Gurus, nothing is wrong here. This might be due to the training materials which were done for quite sometime. The latest data is the most appropriate as proof that the methodology is working. This is because it will reflect the current climate on the effectiveness of the method used. Online business is very dynamic and it can change within the shortest possible time. Thus, the latest proof is the best.

5. The importance of investment

This is the part which beginners hated the most, spending money again. More cash outflow than inflow. That is why most Gurus will not bother to mention this within the training. But the reality is that, you need all the right education available on your Niche in order to be successful online. The dynamic nature of this type of business requires you to constantly upgrade your learning. However, it is your choice. When you do online business, you are the Boss!

List Building is a continuous and renewal process for an Online Business. As has been said many times by successful Internet Marketers, the “Money” is in the List.

So you should take your List Building effort seriously by having a better system in creating your list.

Therefore, don’t miss the chance of learning more about List Building by visiting the link, You will thank me for it!

Should you have any questions about list building, I can be reach be reach at “

To your success!

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