An autoresponder is a program which automatically sends a message, or a sequence messages when triggered. “Triggered” means: someone sends a message to a specific e-mail address; someone bought a product online; someone fills out an online form and signs up to be a member; someone contacts you for more information. Once triggered, the system sends out the message sequence as set up.

A good autoresponders is a helpful tool for anyone that is running a business online or owns a website. Every task performed by an autoresponder is one less task that you need to do. If you have a large list of subscribers this task can be multiplied by a hundred or a thousand. You just can’t take each and every email and answer them manually again and again. It can be as simple as going on a vacation and let your autoresponder send a message to anybody who emails you that you are on vacation. It’s these menial tasks which do not require you to think or be creative in any way that the autoresponder can help you with.

Choose wisely. Here are the components of a good autoresponder which will bring in the most benefit:

1. Stability and reliability. You need a company that offers a reliable, solid and long term service. There have been autoresponder companies in the past that went under, in effect, taking the entire email lists of their clients with them. Avoid these companies at all cost. Opt for a reputable company that has been in the business for a while. Never try to save at reliability’s expense because this saving might cost you in the future.

2. Easy installation. Installation of the software should be easy or none at all. This is especially true for the non-technical person.

3. Set up multiple lists and follow up indefinably. The ability to set up different list for different uses is very important. You would want separate list for prospect list, affiliate list, customer list, etc. Also, you want to be able to set up list for more than one site, you may have one site now, but may add more in the future.

4. Integration. Another component to consider is how the autoresponder works when integrated with the other mechanisms of your site. It should work well with all your present apparatus and software to maximize its use.

5. Price. This is the last thing that you have to consider. The price for an autoresponder differs from one company to another. But the price difference is not that big that you’ll save tons of money, the savings is considerable but not significant. Always go for quality and longevity of a company.

Choosing a good, reliable and effective autoresponder is a crucial task that will pay large dividends over time. Read reviews of autoresponder companies before signing up with them. Ask your friends what they use and how they find the service. It is advisable to dedicate some thought in choosing, and reach the decision that is right for you.

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