Autoresponder freeware is by far the cheapest option when it comes to email marketing, however sometimes cheap isnt always best. Lets take a look at some factors where it may not meet the standards you require.

With any program that you can download for free it will usually fall into one of two categories. It will either be something that somebody has designed to meet their own needs but does not meet yours or it will be a trial version which will require a payment to get the full working version.

There are numerous functionality requirements which you need to consider. The sign up form should be easy to set up and it should be easy for people to join and leave your list. You should be able to write store and schedule emails so that you do not have to manually send them. Your autoresponder freeware should be able to track open and click rates so you can track how successful your campaign is and amend if necessary and finally you should be able to split test: ie test different emails and see which are more successful

It is crucial to comply with legislation. You are responsible for holding the data of every single person who joins your list. Whether you choose autoresponder freeware or a proper program you must be sure data is held securely and that they use the double opt in method of sign up so that you stay within the law.

Autoresponder freeware does not keep the sign up information elsewhere, it is held by your pc or on your websites server. So you are 100% responsible for data security.

Although autoresponder freeware is free, it may well have limits as we have seen above and you need to be entirely confident that it does everything you need it to do before you use it.

Even if you decide the autoresponder freeware is not up to scratch, its not a problem because the top services such as Aweber and Get Response are extremely good value.

Paul Hayhurst has been an internet marketer for over 10 years. Read his full report to what autoresponder freeware MUST do and which of the paid for service provides the best alternative.

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