All Most of us are restraining to our emails these days, but if you get a chance to go on vacation and leave your email inbox back setting up an Autoresponder is a good idea. This sends an automatic reply of your choice to anyone who emails you while you’re offline. Setting up an Autoresponder in Gmail only takes a couple of minutes.

Log in to your Gmail account, then click your address in the upper part of the screen and click Account Settings.

There find Gmail – Settings and in the General tab go to Vacation responder. Turn it on and edit message, time and subject, then to finish click Save Changes.
3 Steps to Setting up Auto Replies For Select Email Accounts in Gmail

Step 1.
In your Gmail settings, go to Labs and enable the “Canned Responses” feature.

Step 2.
Open a window to compose a new message and write your out-of-office reply. Then click on “More options” on the bottom right corner, select “Canned Responses” and save as “New Canned Response” (or overwrite an existing response if you wish). The response will be saved in your Drafts folder, where you can edit it any time.

Step 3.
Now go to your Gmail filters in Settings and click on “Create a filter” on the bottom. In the “To” box, type your business email address, then select “Create a filter with this search.” The following box will pop up:

Choose “Send canned response” and select the draft you saved, then click on “Create filter.” That’s it! From now on – and I mean it, as soon as you create this filter! – Every email that comes into your designated account will receive an immediate reply with your canned response. All you need to do now is remember to turn off the response upon your return, because you can’t specify a time limit.

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