There is nothing more frustrating then to open your email and find hundreds of pieces of spam mail infiltrating your inbox. Spam can flood your account and make reading mail a headache. Because of this, many people have filters installed that weed out spam and either automatically delete it or move it to a spam folder. Unfortunately, many legitimate emails get lost in deleted or spam files, as well.

If your company utilizes autoresponder messages, you will want to avoid the spam nightmare to ensure your mail does not end up automatically deleted. There are several ways to avoid being labeled as spam and deleted. First, when someone visits your site, you can have them automatically redirected to a new page. This page will give them instructions to ensure you are on their list of legitimate mail. This may be as easy as having them include your email address in their address book.

Use a Spam Checker

The internet is a valuable resource, as well. You can utilize a site that can determine if your autoresponder messages can get through the numerous spam filters out there. These websites check your message using various spam checkers that scan your autoresponder and determine if your message has words or phrases in it that commonly trigger the spam filter in emails. These services are easy to use and are even free in many cases.

Spam Filters Can Not Be Tricked

Don’t try to trick the spam filters. No matter how creative you are, these spam filters are always going to be two steps ahead of you. Millions of dollars are spent every year on new technology and it is thorough and efficient. If a message appears to even slightly resemble spam, it will get deleted. When the sender tries to disguise a message by misspelling words, using numbers or replacing letters with spaces or explanation points, they are only making it worse. Spam filters will catch these types of messages every time.

Use Response Tracking

If you are unsure if your autoresponder messages are getting through to your intended recipients, your company may benefit from using response tracking. With response tracking, you will be able to tell how well your autoresponder messages are doing and if they are being opened and read. Many companies use professional autoresponder response tracking services. These services keep a record of responses by generating a brand new URL that automatically opens when it is visited. Many times the person visiting doesn’t even realize they have been directed to a new URL.

If your company has never attempted to track autoresponder responses in the past, it is definitely something to consider. You can find out what is and isn’t working and then use this knowledge to make good, informed decisions in your companies marketing strategies.

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