Since autoresponders are such a great tool, why would we have to check in with it, evaluate it, or test out its ability to deliver our purpose? Because over time, your thoughts and your knowledge changes and making sure that your autoresponder is keeping up with your growth and change is an important part of the process. Maybe two months ago you had the knowledge to put together a pretty good autoresponder series and now you have the ability to put together a powerful and fantastic autoresponder series. Reading over your autoresponder series once a week usually open the door for a better, stronger, more powerful message than before.

As you are building a better autoresponder message, you also need to check in and make sure that the service you are employing to deliver your fantastic messages hasn’t been blacklisted. Any time an autoresponder service is blacklisted, your message isn’t getting through. This is naturally a waste of time and energy and money.

Check in with your autoresponder to ensure that you maintain the ability to add names to the list whenever you want. Most companies do, but some companies fail to provide this service regularly, as though they have “improved” their service by removing this ability. As your business grows there will be many occasions for you to pop over and add a name or two to the autoresponder list.

As you build your interest through a series of autoresponder messages, don’t forget the day of release. The day before you should be making a very big deal about whatever it is that is about to be answered for them. For instance, if you are promoting a fabulous new cleaning product, maybe you’ve been promising them all along that their cleaning days are about to become much easier. The day before you bring it to market, send out an autoresponder message that announces that your client have only one more day of old fashioned cleaning. Tomorrow their labor becomes the labor of someone else.

If you can build up interest and even a little suspense, your opening day will be an amazingly popular one. You can open up for orders with your autoresponder message as well. Just remember if there is any kind of delay you are responsible for blocking the final announcement as you don’t wish to mislead your potential clients, not even accidentally.

If you can’t track the effectiveness of your autoresponder then you have absolutely no ground to measure how well you are doing. Without tracking, you are just throwing words into the wind and hoping that someone has heard them. Tracking is vital to the process of growing and improving not only your message but your timing as well.

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