Do you use an autoresponder in your online marketing? Are your autoresponder messages
effective or do people unsubscribe quickly?

An autoresponder is a program that sends out a series of emails you have created to contacts who have requested information from you.

Many times autoresponder messages focus entirely on promoting, selling or convincing others about how great a business is. But if you want to keep your prospects on your contact list, you will want to offer them something of value in addition to your
business information.

Why? Timing is everything in business. Many times a person considers a home business, requests information, but it’s not the right time to get started. But three months, six months or even a year down the road, they are ready to start a business.

The key is to keep that person interested enough in your emails that they look forward to hearing from you. You then have the ability to keep in contact until the timing is right for a decision.

So how do you keep your emails interesting so subscribers stay on your list? By providing value. Provide resources, tips, book recommendations or something of interest in each email.

Instead of only focusing on your business, include something that readers can use. Be helpful and keep these points in mind.

1. Start with a subject line that is intriguing and relates to your email. If you have a jewelry business, your subject line might say “From Jane’s Jewelry, did you know about this business deduction?”

2. After the hello, remind them of who you are, thank them for reading your emails, or share something personal about your day or your family so you become real to them.

3. Be genuine. Be yourself. Write your emails as if you were talking to a friend.

4. Share information. This can be an article you found, a great website, a free or low cost resource, a book, tips or even a tasteful joke now and then. Offer anything that was helpful, fun or interesting to you and fits with your target audience.

5. Briefly give them another benefit of how your business can help them and refer them to your personal website for more details.

6. Your signature line should contain all your contact information, including your name, email, phone number, plus your website URL. You may have a brief slogan or phrase underneath your website address.

7. Use a P.S. All really good emails have a P.S. at the end. Ask your reader to take some action. “Add me to Yahoo Messenger. MY ID is xxxxx.” “Have you had a home business before? Email me and let me know your successes and struggles.” “Click on this link for our current specials.” Tell them what to do next.

8. Keep your emails short. Occasionally if you are including an article, the email may be longer, but make that the exception. If your emails are too long, many of your prospects will unsubscribe. They just don’t have the time to read through long detailed emails. Make them short, to the point and helpful.

When creating your emails, be friendly and offer information that was beneficial to you. You become a real person to your prospects and when the timing is right, they will be much more interested in what you have to offer.

Donna Davis has successfully built several businesses from a local accounting service to a large online network marketing team. Visit to learn more about her current business and her family. To join Donna’s newsletter, go to
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