An autoresponder is a tool that should not be overlooked in your Internet marketing efforts. While many individuals use an autoresponder, or at least have an account in their possession, they are often a tool that is thought of as being too much trouble for the effort. If you have experienced less than ideal results from your efforts with your autoresponder, perhaps you’re going about it the wrong way. There is a reason why individuals say that the money is in the list. Having an autoresponder set up and collecting e-mail addresses means money in the bank if you go about it the right way.

The first thing that you need to do is to choose the proper autoresponder company. There certainly are a lot of options that are available out there but some of them contain some hidden pitfalls. For example, if you’re just starting out with a business and want to try out a free autoresponder company, you may be sorry when it comes time to move to a more robust system. The reason that this is the case is that your subscribers will need to re-opt in to the new system. Unfortunately, many of them will not take the time to do so and you will lose a large portion of your subscriber base, and your efforts.

You also need to make sure that you are contacting these individuals in the right way. Be careful not to send out a sales letter too early in the series. Although there is nothing wrong with mentioning your product, even from the first autoresponder, you should be working more on building a relationship with them. You can do so with an introductory letter and by providing them with solid information, for free, with every e-mail that you send. Once they get used to getting e-mails from you, they will be very forgiving and often willing to purchase once you send out a sales letter.

The most important part of getting a lot out of your autoresponder series is testing. This is the case with all areas of marketing, if you aren’t testing then you aren’t improving. A reputable autoresponder company will give you the ability to split test messages. As long as you track the results, you can continue to split test until you can improve your results many times over.

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