In the affiliate-marketing world, you cannot be all things at all times. You only have so many hours in the day to run your Internet business. When it comes to e-mailing responses to your opt-in list, efficiency is your goal. You simply cannot spend your time writing out individual e-mails as your list grows.

That’s where an autoresponder can help your affiliate marketing efforts. What is an autoresponder? An autoresponder is a program that automatically responds to emails, sending out your pre-written messages. The great thing is, you don’t have to be in front of your PC to do this. The autoresponder program does it for you while you’re doing something else.

You can check out for yourself the different enterprises that offer autoresponder services. You may want to use your own autoresponder program. That’s all up to you. However, you need to have quality messages written for the autoresponder to send out.

The following are tips for writing effective autoresponder messages that your opt-in list will favor:

Have an Interesting Subject Line

Bland and boring doesn’t work when it comes to auto-responder subject lines. You want the recipient to open your e-mail, not delete it at first read. Make your subject line spark interest in the recipient. Intrigue them enough that they are willing to open your message.

Know Your Niche

Know whom you are writing to in the broad sense. Who is your target market for this message. When you know your audience you will focus your writing to speak to their needs. Remember, what you write may sound good to you. You may totally love the message you’re conveying.

Your recipients receive your message differently. They do not know as much about what you’re offering. They need clear writing that speaks to them. You cannot assume they know what you are talking about when they begin to read.

Be clear, direct, and give useful information. Inform just as you do with your article writing as part of your article-marketing program.

Write to One Person

Now that you know your niche, write to one person in that niche. That’s what an effective autoresponder does, talks to an individual. Make your message conversational. Make it relatively brief and to the point.

People have tons of e-mail sent their way. If you bore them they will banish you into oblivion with a quick click.

Write to Build Trust

An autoresponder needs to have timely, relevant information. You don’t want your autoresponder to be full of fluffy hyper sales talk. You do want your autoresponder to be more of an update or friendly and casual reminder message.

A call to action is important, that’s why you send autoresponders. However, potential customers don’t act if they feel you are just hungry for a sale. Give them value and prove yourself as a trustworthy Internet marketer and they will act.

Highlight Product Benefits and Offer a Bonus

When you write your autoresponder highlight significant benefits of the product or service. Present these benefits in a unique way. First, know your affiliate product inside out. Second, write about a benefit from your unique perspective.

Try to say something about the benefit that no one else has said. At the very least, put a bit of a different spin on the benefit. You can relate how you use the product or what other customers have found useful. Go beyond the manufacturer’s scripted formulaic message.

Finally, offer a bonus e-book, report or product sample in your autoresponder message. This encourages action so readers of your message contact you again.

Craft a compelling message when it comes to autoresponders. Autoresponders let you promote your business 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Effectively written, they build credibility and make potential customers comfortable with you. That is what inspires them to reply and do further business with you.

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