When it comes to making a sell using your autoresponder, follow up messages are very important.

Study shows that most website visitors won’t buy things on their first visit; it normally takes more than 6 or 7 visits before they decide to make a purchase. In order to keep them interested and eventually make the sale, you’ll need to come up with some innovative yet captivating follow up messages.

When you start to writing your message, here are the things that you should keep in mind.

Believe it or not, good headlines will draw attention from readers and make them feel excited to read the rest of your message. If you send a message with a shoddy headline, chances are that your readers will just glance over the email and not pay much attention to it at all.

Secondly, you can also grab attention from your readers by sending them personalized messages with their names and other details in.

There are several autoresponders have this function that allow you to personalize your messages by just insert some codes. When you send a message out, the code is replaced with the personal information of the subscriber.

When your subscribers receive the email, they will see his or her personal information instead of see the code.

Normally the first message that you send out is an introduction one. This message should be geared towards giving your readers what to expect from your messages.

You can mention about your company, your service or products information in this one as well. Just remember that your introduction message is very important because it sets the pace for the messages that follow.

Come to your second message, you can inform readers about your products and services.

In your content, you need to make sure that you explain what your products do and how your readers can benefit from using them. Then, in the messages that follow, you can put added emphasis on your services and products. You should be trying to convince readers that they simply must have your products and that your products are a cut above the rest.

To ensure that you get a sale, you also need to include comparisons between what you offer and what your competitors offer. By doing it in this way, you can show potential customers that you are indeed the best – with the best features and the best prices, for example.

Once you have a few satisfied customers, your credibility will be build up. If a customer is satisfied, he will let you and others know. Once a customer has praised your products, you can add it to a testimonial and send it out in a future follow up message.

When you end a message, make sure that you leave a teaser for the next one. This way, your customers will look forward to receiving your coming up message.

In your email, you should also include your contact and order information, so when readers want to place an order; they will not face any problems.

Finally, if you put some time and give more thought into your follow up messages, you will start racking up customers and sales in no time at all.

Ann Liu, a certified professional internet marketer and author of Online Profiting. To learn how YOU too can succeed in Internet and affiliate marketing, please visit http://www.marketingbyann.com
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