Email marketing is one of the most powerful means of growing an online business. There are so many people out there who use email regularly. Using autoresponders means that your emails will have more impact and you’ll reach your target audience in a way you never thought possible. No matter what business you are going after on the internet, if you aren’t using email then you are losing money. If you want to get all you can from your email marketing efforts, use the tips below.

1) You might also broadcast affiliate offers to the people on your subscriber list through the use of an autoresponder service. If you have a list of prospects then you definitely want to monetize it the right way, and there’s no better way to do it than by sending out direct product recommendation to your subscribers. This isn’t the same as sending out reviews of products, because you will be suggesting products to your prospects instead. You will be able to pre-program your affiliate product recommendations into the autoresponder and it will blast those out at regular intervals. You will be making revenue off your subscriber list, but you will also be offering assistance to them.

2. Another good idea is to send out free reports that are tailored specifically towards your target market. People will have no problem downloading a free report that gives them knowledge they can apply right away. A simple ten to fifteen page report that offers true value is all you need. First, ask prospects for their email addresses, but only send out the first part of the report, and then you can send out the rest of the parts of the report through an autoresponder. You will find that these reports have a tendency to pass around quickly, as people give them to friends or offer them to site visitors, and that’s when you’ll experience the power of viral traffic. The more reports you create and give to your subscribers, the more of a chance you’ll have of getting even more traffic.

3. Another good idea is to offer free trials of any products you’re offering to your prospects, and then you can send out instructions for that free trial using your autoresponder. Once the free trial comes to an end, you will be able to get in touch with your prospect to hopefully close the deal now that you have their email address. This is one of the easiest ways to turn a prospect into a customer, so go ahead and give it a try.

In closing, you should now be aware of just how autoresponders can help you get more from your online business. Let’s face it, your subscribers are people you truly value, so respect them by offering them valued information on a regular basis. If you use an autoresponder, this will be simple, and your business will expand in no time. Your subscribers will no longer feel neglected and at the same time you’ll be able to build your list in the best possible way. So put what you’ve just learned to work and get the results you’ve been after.

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