The two most important internet market strategies today are using autoresponders and survey programs with your promotional activities, according to “Autoresponder Renaissance,” by Paul Soltoff of *The ClickZ Network. ClickZ is a large resource of interactive marketing research, news and other helpful information, online and off., covering technology and marketing trends with industry experts.

Soltoff reports that his company has been using autoresponders for a long time as an important part of their sales and marketing systems. And he notes that today’s autoresponders even offer a new way to combat violating spam laws that online marketers continually have to face. Plus when used creatively, like with popular survey programs, for instance, he says that autoresponders even boast new response methods, further opening lines of communications between businesses and prospects from a variety of advertising channels, including email.

Hence autoresponders are bound to make professional lives and a variety of business activities easier and more hassle-free. In fact, features to consider while selecting an autoresponder include:

* RSS-ability: any message in the autoresponder can be delivered via RSS. Your autoresponder can give you a subscriber option for receiving messages by emails or RSS.

* Offer choices: Your autoresponder system must understand your customers and it must alter your replies according to precise needs of the customer.

* Make offers: your autoresponder should make offers according to the customers’ interests.

* Deliverability: your autoresponders must help you develop multiple lists to serve your varied purposes.

* Split testing: It must also help you perform split mailings.

* Automation: your set up must automatically generate ‘subscription forms’ with point and click ease.

Find these features and many more by searching online for popular autoresponders. Or head to one site with all the bells and whistles called SurveySponder.

About SurveySponder

SurveySponder offers several different easy-to-use autoresponders packages at affordable prices. This alone is bound to give a powerful and long lasting boost to your profits, allowing you to form a personalized relationship with your clients around the world.

The autoresponder messages at SurveySponder can be highly customized to help you efficiently manage customers so as to meet their particular standards. SurveySponder helps you to develop multiple lists and enables you to communicate with your customers according to their unique interests and demographics. You can even make offers based on location as well as financial status of a particular client. SurveySponder autoresponders have an optional feature that allows you to insert up to 50 customized questions with drop down boxes. You in turn use the answers to deliver exactly what your subscriber wants.

Different people, such as amateur marketers or even professional writers, or editors, can use these autoresponders. They do not require any long term contracts, making the autoresponder service a great deal for price-conscious customers. And anybody can now write to designers, lawyers, sales executives as well as customers who need answers to their queries by creating messages with automation through autoresponders by SurveySponder.

SurveySponder accounts are extremely helpful for people who are new to marketing strategies and deals available on the internet. For example, these autoresponders are also great for expanding internet markets that make use of authentic customer data to make more sales. And for marketers who build affiliate programs and want to get paid instantly, SurveySponder is a great option as it can be easily employed with delivery scripts. Plus you can:

1) Manage your mails and messages, you can view and edit them through autoresponders.

2) The autoresponder allows you to access split mailing facilities along with letting you copy or edit messages from other autoresponders.

3) You will also be able to easily mail your edited messages to your clients in accordance with their fields and interests.

4) With help of autoresponders, you can send emails with custom fields or by demographics.

5) You can view your email history and can also create test messages.

6) Your autoresponder can redirect customers to the ‘Thank you page’ on the server that is addressed with that particular client’s name.

SurveySponder Bonus

There is big bonus for all those who wish to avail autoresponder services. For those of you who have already subscribed to autoresponder services from they will be able to access the preloaded autoresponder series in a few days, which not only has private label rights (PLR) content but will also save you time by loading that content for you.

To learn more about autoresponders you have to visit . You can also click on: Helpdesk at kelvinbrown(dot)com/helpdesk to learn more about autoresponders of SurveySponder at: SurveySponder(dot)com.

*”Autoresponder Renaissance,” by Paul Soltoff, The ClickZ Network, Dec 15, 2003.

If you are not following up with your clients you are losing money. And the best way to follow up is by using an autoresponder. Visit: http://www.SurveySponder to learn to use the power of personalization.

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