When it comes to successful email marketing, it is imperative to acquire an autoresponder that will help limit or totally eliminate the tedious aspects of this process. In principle, most autoresponder applications (like Aweber, Getresponse, and 1shoppingcart) work like this: the programs help the online marketer capture or acquire the email address of people who willingly provides such information from the marketers’ numerous active web pages. This stage is called list building, and with the gathered information on that list, the autoresponder then sends out a series of different emails to the clients, on different pre-specified dates, on regular delivery intervals.

Theoretically, this sounds very simple. For starters, a marketer can easily “program” the autoresponder to send out the mails he or she created, space the intervals between mails, and leave the application to run. The application can send emails to as many as 50,000 electronic mails at any given time. Imagine having to do that everyday, while trying to dodge the spam guards of most email services these days, and keep up with your online marketing practice as well.

In practice, an autoresponder is only but a simple tool to make things more efficient as possible. It is still the online marketer who has to create the emails that are supposed to entice clients to take favorable actions. And when people say “favorable,” it means that sales or transactions happen – in turn, that means commissions get sent to the marketer’s bank account. An unfavorable action means that the potential client removes his or her name from the subscription list; or worse, designates the email series as spam.

This is essentially why it is important to get an autoresponder that you think will work wonders for your online marketing career. As such, there are three more prominent autoresponder applications in the market today. These are: Aweber, Getresponse, and 1shoppingcart.

So which one should you choose for your list building purposes? If you read most product reviews, Aweber autoresponder seems a step up in almost all area of dynamics, in regards of course, to this kind of software application – from ease of use, results, and price. However, all that is relative. Some people find Getresponse a little easier to use, while 1shoppingcart may be lighter on the pocket and still yield good results. In any case, it really does not matter which among the three autoresponder applications you use.

You can even subscribe to other applications out there. The underlying goal here is to make sure that you get the benefits that a good application should be providing you. Just one hint of advice though: try to steer clear of companies offering free solutions or free autoresponder applications. These can be severely limiting to your email marketing efforts and can hamper considerably your style when you try to make money online.

If you are still trying to shop around for an autoresponder, it is recommended that you read as many product reviews as possible. Try to eliminate the habit of buying one program and then suddenly shifting to another, just because you find it a bit too technical for your taste. This process can be time consuming, not to mention costly since you already practically paid for the product already. And read and understand the additional services that are to be included in the autoresponder package. Upgrading to a higher priced package does not usually mean better service. It simply might mean that you will be paying for services you will never need or use in the future. Most basic packages usually work great already, anyway.

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