Although using and autoresponder can be one of the best things that you can do for your business, there are some ways that you can improve it. People do an awful lot of testing when it comes to their marketing practices and this also includes testing as far as the autoresponder is concerned. One of the things that almost always turns out positive whenever you’re doing one of these tests is the response that you get whenever you personalize an autoresponder message. How exactly can this be done to maximize your results?

First of all, you need to be part of an autoresponder company that will allow you to collect personal information from your subscribers. The more information you have about your subscriber, the more valuable they become to you. For most people, however, who are never really going to do anything outside of e-mailing these individuals, it is a good idea to collect their first name and e-mail address at the very least. This is very important because you can personalize these e-mails that you are sending out via the autoresponder or broadcast messages to include their name.

Many individuals include the name at the top of the e-mail and this is a very important part of making your subscriber feel as if you are sending them a message personally. What some skip, however, is putting the name also in the subject line. Although this does personalize it to a certain extent, it also has an added benefit that really cannot be overlooked. Whenever a person sees their name in the subject line they are more apt to open the e-mail and see what is on the inside. Just by taking this one simple personalization step, you can increase your open rate by up to 50% or more, an astounding number and a boost for your business that you should not overlook.

Finally, you should make sure that you do not overdo the personalization whenever you are sending out your messages. Although it is a good idea to address them with their name, you don’t want to overdo putting their name throughout the e-mail message. Although it may seem like you are further personalizing the message, what you’re actually doing is alienating them because they can see through it and realize that it is an automated response. Putting their name at the top of the message as a way of addressing them personally is all that is needed.

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