Once upon a time, the only way to really engage in serious list-based marketing involved the installation of an autoresponder script on your site. You had to manage the process from cradle to grave, dealing with all of the technical issues and installation problems as well as mailing list maintenance.

As time passed, it did become a little easier to manage. Autoresponder script advancements resulted in new features and higher ease of use. Nonetheless, countless lists were lost and many mailings were missed because of errors and other problems. Building a list was easier than maintaining it, which certainly detracted from the net profitability of list marketing.

Today, the do-it-yourself autoresponder script is obsolete. There’s really no good reason left to run your own list from top to bottom. Established, reputable autoresponder services provide strong off-site services.

No more script installations. No more bugs. No more crashes and lost data. It’s all easy, handled in a point and click environment that even a wet behind the ears novice can manage. The price tags are low, the options are mind-boggling, and a good autoresponder service can help you leverage your list for maximum profit.

If you’re thinking about running your own list, you should probably think again before you buy an autoresponder script. Will your installation give you the kind of data about your list and its composition as an off-site, comprehensive service? Can you guarantee up-time for your site that rivals the autoresponder services? Are you as capable of handling delivery problems in this era of hyper-aggressive email security? Will you be able to handle delivery options as quickly and with as much flexibility as the professionals do?

Chances are that most people will reluctantly be forced to answer no to almost every (if not every) question on that list. Installing your own autoresponder script and handling everything yourself makes about as much sense these days as buying your own cow and milking it every morning instead of running to the store for a half-gallon of 2%.

What was once the only alternative is now just a messy, second-tier alternative to a much better system. If you want to make your list building efforts as profitable as possible while reducing your workload and freeing up more time to drum up new business, you can cancel that autoresponder script order right now!

Today’s autoresponder services provide you with everything you need to run a stellar list marketing campaign. Unlimited lists and follow-ups, broadcast messaging, back up options, list importation options, form creation and customization, manual and automatic list management options, amazing up time, great statistics and shockingly good delivery rates. Oh, and they give you all of this at a low price and you never have to install a single script on your site!

Brad Semp is CEO and founder of Cashmap Systems, LLC, a business system improvement company focusing on helping business owners to improve through “systemization”. Learn more about systemizing your e-mail list building and management at http://www.ListpingCashmap.com http://www.ListpingCashmap.com
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