Our subject today: Affiliate Marketing

Our question today: Do affiliates need an autoresponder?

Simple answer: No

But wait.

There is more to the story. Way more.

——- How Affiliates Make Money ——-

If you are brand new to affiliate marketing, then you may not realize what a goldmine you have stumbled upon.

Affiliates make money by promoting someone else’s product or service. That means you don’t have to know anything about the product. You don’t have to create the product. You don’t have to put up a sales page or collect payments. You don’t have to worry about product delivery or customer service. You are basically free as a bird. And yet, in many cases you make a higher percentage of the sale than the vendor.

Yes, you read that right. Very often the affiliate percentage is 50%. That means that all the productions costs, financial fees and all other expenses do not touch your commission. They all come out of the vendor’s share.

So basically, you send people to someone else’s website, and when they buy something, you make a commission.

That means you can make money as an affiliate without a website and without a product. Affiliates simply make a commission on each sale they bring in.

——- How Affiliates Make Even More Money ——-

Let’s say you are promoting a dog training ebook. You know that lots and lots of people want to know how to get Fido to stop barking or how to get Max to heel. People definitely want this. But how do you find them and put your affiliate link in front of them? How do you get them to click so that you get that commission when they take out their wallet and hit that buy button?

The way to make even more money as an affiliate is by reaching more and more people. And not just anyone. You must reach carefully targeted people. You want your affiliate link to land right in front of the noses of the people who are hungry for the information you are promoting.

Then it is a perfect match. They are happy and appreciative to have found this product that solves a problem they have been having.

And you are happy and appreciative of the commission. And the more of these people your affiliate link lands in front of, the happier everyone is.

——- The Secret Power of Super Affiliates ——-

So what is the secret power of these super affiliates who make gazillions of dollars and win high priced prizes in affiliate contests? These people who are winning iPads and watches and even cars… what is their secret?

Well, they may have more than one secret, but the one secret they all have in common is that they have an autoresponder where they collect email addresses of people who are hungry for information. And not just any information. They have separate lists of people for each niche. And they collect these names and email addresses even more passionately and aggressively than they promote products. Those lists are their biggest and most powerful superpower. Those lists are their greatest asset.

——- How to Be a Super Affiliate ——-

The first step toward becoming a super affiliate and making crazy amounts of money is to start creating a mailing list. In fact, start creating more than one list.

Decide which niches you want to promote products in, strap on your cape, rev up your superpowers, and begin collecting names and email addresses of people who will thank you for telling them about products that solve their problems.

And now I’d like to give you a secret ebook that can increase your income almost instantly. Get it now because you will learn the secret art of changing certain words to boost your sales.

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