One of the most important aspects of being an Internet Marketer is knowing just how well your advertising campaigns are going. Advertising campaigns don’t come cheap and having this knowledge will enable you to make any essential changes or maybe even scrap them and start over if they are not producing the results you are looking for.

An excellent way to tell whether or not your autoresponder messages are working well for you is to use response tracking. You will find autoresponder response tracking is more often than not quite easily set up with the better quality autoresponder services. By using the tracking tool provided all you have to do is enter the website address you require your readers to pay a visit to and a brand new URL is generated by the software. The number of clicks you receive from the autoresponder message to the promoted website is tracked by the new URL.

When someone clicks on the new URL, the captured click automatically sends the person to the website you want them to view even though visitor is likely to have no idea that he or she has been redirected to the website.

The control panel of your autoresponder service account allows you to keep an eye on the achieved results as it informs you how many messages were delivered, along with how many clicks were received. In fact, most good quality autoresponders boast a feature allowing you to monitor how many emails were actually opened. As far as mass email marketing is concerned, this is a wonderful market research tool.

Nonetheless, not every autoresponder service offers you such tracking abilities so if this is an important aspect for you and your business, you need to ensure that the autoresponder service you sign up with provides this service. You will then know whether or not the message you send out is successful and if it isn’t you can make the necessary changes. In a round-about way it will also let you know if the sales copy of your website is as it should be. For example, you may be getting thousands of clicks from the autoresponder but minimal clicks from the sales page to the order placing area. This shows you that the autoresponder is functioning as it should be but the sales copy is not nearly as good.

If you have never thought about tracking your autoresponder responses before, it really is something you should give consideration to. After all, this information shows you exactly what’s working well and what’s not. In basic terms it will allow you to make your autoresponder marketing far more profitable and effective and you will certainly be extremely surprised by the outcome of the tracking.

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