If you are promoting products on the Internet and you are not using a reliable autoresponder service you may be losing hundreds of dollars a day! If you are doing any business online an autoresponder is one of the most important marketing tools you should have in your arsenal.

There are many high quality autoresponder services that you can make use of, or, if you don’t want to make use of an autoresponder service you could buy one and install it on your own server. Whichever one you decide to use is not the point here – it is vital for your business if you want it to grow.

In fact, there is only one thing that is more important than a reliable autoresponder service – and that is your subscriber list. If you don’t already have an optin-list you definitely need to do something about it right away, and using an autoresponder of some kind makes it a lot easier to do.

One easy way to build a subscriber list is to offer your visitors something free on your site. Before they can get to the freebie they should fill in a form that will capture their contact details to the autoresponder.

There are many things that you can offer for free. These include free e-books or reports, free software, access to a private area in your website, etc. The whole idea behind this is to get their contact details and to get them to agree to receive email from you. You get their name and email address and they get the free product.

It is a good idea is to incorporate links to your other products in the freebies that you offer. That way your visitor gets enticed to come back to your site to buy something they might be interested in.

Building your list with free giveaways gives you the opportunity to earn money with every automated autoresponder message that you send out. Using an autoresponder enables you to send messages to your optin-list at various intervals. If you offer your subscribers valuable information most of them will stay on your list.

Just one tip though: most people get bombarded with spam emails every day – so the message here is not to overdo your emails. Only email your subscribers if you really have something of value to offer.

Treat your subscribers with respect and you will have a loyal customer base for a long, long time.

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