For those of you that currently have a mortgage website, or those that are contemplating putting one on the Internet…you’ll soon realize that although your website/host does a great job of handling your incoming email (receiving, redirecting, forwarding, etc.)…out-going email is usually not a part of the package.

Most of your out-going email can usually be handled right on your computer using Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, or a similar email program. All of these programs are designed to handle a low volume of out-going email.

On the other hand…an autoresponder also known as a mailbot, an automatic email, or email on demand system…is designed for handling a high volume of out-going email. It is a dedicated system that only handles email and is designed specifically for sending scheduled responses, maintaining subscriber lists, and providing information as a result of inquiries. An autoresponder when set up correctly, is the ultimate 24/7 follow-up and email marketing system.

So, when is the right time for you to switch to an autoresponder type system?

When your list of email addresses starts to approach the one hundred mark. Since a good autoresponder system is extremely economical and efficient, you’ll be able to re-coup your costs easily with the mortgage business that will be generated.

As you probably know…multiple websites usually incur multiple charges even with the same hosting service. An autoresponder account is totally different. You could have hundreds of different lists being fed and maintained from different websites, blogs, and forums…and all for one nominal subscription fee.

Here’s just a few of the benefits you and your Mortgage Business will receive as a result of using an autoresponder:

1. All of your email addresses will be “opt-in.” In other words, each of your customers or prospects will be asked to give permission to be added to your list or lists and then confirm that permission in a second step. This permission is stored by the autoresponder company and alleviates and absolves you of any possible “spam” complaints.

2. Allows you to schedule and automatically send an unlimited number of email mortgage messages or tips to any or all of your mortgage contacts.

3. Allows you to personalize each email message you send with the name (first or entire name) of the recipient. With your current system, sending out a personal message to each of your customers or prospects may be difficult. An autoresponder does it automatically and provides them with the illusion that your message was in fact, personally sent.

4. An autoresponder can provide the capability of automatically sending scheduled targeted email messages that maintain contact with your list and are necessary for you to grow your mortgage business. Set it up once and you’re done.

5. An autoresponder can provide your automatic responses to your advertising or information offers, both online and off-line.

6. You can set up your autoresponder to automatically offer a free autoresponder email course delivered over a period of time. You could set up a course covering credit, first-time home buyers, helping FSBO sellers, or whatever.

7. The autoresponder automatically handles all of your email list maintenance to include additions, deletions and changes.

8. Remember those little sign-up boxes on websites that you’re required to fill in with a name and email address prior to receiving information? The sign-up boxes are actually generated by the autoresponder and then copied to your website which begins the list building process.

You have many choices when it comes time to pick your Autoresponder company. The most reputable ones include: GetResponse, AWeber, Response Magic, Email Aces and Traffic Wave.

If you find the selection process difficult, use the “Free Trial” that may be offered so that you can get familiar with the autoresponder features and how it all works.

So, if you have a set of good customer/prospect email addresses and are sending them one by one, you are wasting precious time and you’re probably not getting the return on your investment that you deserve.

As you begin your review process, you’ll come to the same realization that internet marketers have known for many years…a good autoresponder system is probably the greatest marketing tool ever devised for Mortgage Professionals.

Tom Domin is the author of “101 Ways to Originate Mortgages” and publisher of “Tom’s Mortgage Tips” a twice monthly Mortgage Newsletter geared for Mortgage Professionals. Increase your pipeline and put your mortgage career on the fast track and sign-up for FREE at
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