You may be like most people, and not even know what an autoresponder is. An autoresponder is an automated emailing software or service. Most would wonder what use someone would have for an autoresponder? I bet that you get a lot of people doing the opt-in but not buying anything, right? What if you could mail these same people more offers at a later date? Know that all the effort you took to get someone to your website is being wasted on a one time impression. It can take up to seven times for some people to make a decision about a purchase.

Using an autoresponder you can use the opt-in list from your site to send out offers daily. By emailing your list of visitors, you have an increased opportunity to make sales. Perhaps that same person is more awake now than when they first saw your offer. Suddenly they get your message and have no idea why they passed it up and then make the buy!

If you have heard ‘the money is in the list’, you now know why. It’s true. You can keep building your mailing list and your autoresponder mail new users. The more in your list the merrier! Picture a mailing of list of a few thousand subscribers, you could email them all simultaneously and give them a new offer, simply by pushing a button. You need to be sure you have a good autoresponder, though, so your emails do go straight into people’s junk mail folder. Make sure that you do a couple searches for best autoresponder reviews before you sign up for a service.

So what is holding you up? Increase your income over night by getting an autoresponder!

Because if you don’t, there is no telling how much money you will be losing. The success stories online are from those who know how to milk their mailing lists for all they are worth.

A lot of us have been able to multiple our income many times over. A guy I know literally quintupled his monthly income just by using an autoresponding campaign. The money truly is in the list.

Some other things to search for are for AWeber vs. GetResponse and AWeber reviews. It will be worth the effort to research all of the autoresponders, because it is usually hard to find the best one to match your needs.
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