If you’re not using an unlimited autoresponder, you’re just asking for trouble. You might be fine today. You might be fine next week. But if you start growing the way you want to grow, you’ll eventually wish that you had started your list with an unlimited option.

Here’s the scoop. Not all autoresponders and autoresponder services are created equal. Some will offer you all of the flexibility and options in the world. Others, the ones that are often a little cheaper than those top-notch alternatives, keep the price low by offering fewer extra services and by limiting your scope of use.

You might have a cap on subscribers. You might have a limit on how many messages you can send. There are a variety of limitations and they vary based upon the autoresponder in question. Those seemingly innocuous little limitations can eventually create massive problems for a marketer.

What are you going to do if you’re not using an unlimited autoresponder and you suddenly find yourself butting up against your list limits? It wouldn’t make sense to turn those potential customers away, so you’ll need to shop for another option. In the meantime, you’re losing business left and right.

Once you do make the switch, you’ll have to import your old list into the new unlimited autoresponder. If you’ve been using a cheap or free limited option, that might become a very difficult, if not impossible task. Depending on the standards and methods used by your previous provider it might not even be possible to migrate your ultra-valuable list to the new unlimited autoresponder service!

What happens if you’re not using an unlimited autoresponder and you run up against some sort of message cap? Are you just going to stop communicating with your long-term subscribers? It doesn’t make much sense to let them go, does it?

That means you’ll be switching to an unlimited autoresponder and all of those same problems may rear their ugly heads. When you think about the fact that you could be risking successful access to your profitable and valuable list simply because you started by using the wrong autoresponder service, it becomes clear than any serious marketer should be using a good system.

In the end, one thing is certain, if you’re planning for any level of success, you should sign up with a good service that offers an unlimited autoresponder immediately. If you aren’t working with an unlimited system, you are risking the long-term health and profitability of your business.

Marketers can make a fortune with their lists. Even relatively “small time” players are often amazed to discover that their lists are their most productive assets. When you think about the profit potential and the essential nature of creating and maintaining a list, it only makes sense to start using the best possible option as quickly as possible. That means that you should have access to an unlimited autoresponder in the very near future. Continued reliance on cheap of free autoresponders is a bad idea in the long run and should be avoided.

Brad Semp is CEO and founder of Cashmap Systems, LLC, a business system improvement company focusing on helping business owners to improve through “systemization”. Learn more about systemizing your e-mail list building and management at http://www.ListpingCashmap.com http://www.ListpingCashmap.com
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