When writing an Autoresponder-Friendly Sales Pitch, it is good to keep in mind what it really is. And that is an easygoing sales pitch, which essentially is a sales letter disguised as an email. It should be written with one agenda. To entice the reader into clicking on the desired link in that email. The jump will take the reader to the target web page.

There are different kinds of friendly sales pitch emails, depending on the intended audience. The first type is for prospects, those who are potential buyers. And the second type is for buyers, those have already bought before and might be apt to buy again.

Regardless, your only aim is for the reader to click your link. In order for this to happen, the email must establish trust. Only after this will a potential customer click.

Perhaps the most important of the autoresponder is the subject line. It has to look like it is not canned. It has to provoke. It should intrigue. It should stand out from all the others. And it is critical to your success. If the reader does not open the email, the chances of your making a sale are zero.

Opening your email should be the highlight of the day for whoever reads it. You want them thinking of your email while sitting in traffic. And you have to do that without coming across as too aggressive or insincere.

Never insult his or her intelligence, yet you need to engage him or her. Humor is effective, but it has to be vanilla, with no hint of controversy. But it should be interwoven with the subtle sales message. At the very least, it should tie in to what your product is or represents. You want to be friendly and open.

However, do not get carried away with the story. This is supposed to be sales letter, not a short story. There must be a goal to the story, in other words, not just something for the sake of entertainment. People are busy these days; and while they might enjoy some entertainment, they will not enjoy something that just wastes their time.

You must conjure up a theme around which your story will be crafted, and this theme will be what sells the item. Their dreams or wants must be addressed. Your story will have a connection to them and their problem. And you have the solution.

Then, the product is introduced, because it is the solution to the whatever troubles. Your product is the savior. The benefits your product provides will have the customer practically throwing money at you.

Effective use of premiums, bonuses, free products, and other such enticements are very effective, as well as moneyback guarantees, too. These can be that final cherry on top that nudges the prospect into being a buyer.

Finally, autoresponders should not be long, maybe 700 words at the most. Basic text format is usually more efficient, as are basic fonts and font sizes. And do not be afraid to try different things to test what works best for your customers.

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