You Need To Use autoresponder software if you want to succeed in any internet business. The best way to build more sales is to build more relationships.

Your plan this year is to increase your online sales, we all know that. But how are you going to do that? You can do that by getting closer to your customer base. People would rather buy from a friend than from people they do not know. So the more your customers know you and the more you know about them, the more sales you will make. You can use the autoresponder to build relationships with your customers.

This is more than a program than alerts people when you away from your office. Every email program has some form of autoresponder to let people who send you email messages know in an automatic response that you are away.

The autoresponder you need for your online business collects contact information, namely email addresses, and then sends out email messages to your list of contacts on an automatic basis.

The way you obtain contact information is to in essence bribe people to give you their email address and what ever information you ask for and that they are willing to provide. But at minimum they have to provide their email address because this is how you will communicate with them with your autoresponder email messages.

On your website you will place an area where people can submit their contact information in exchange for your newsletter, an eBook, or valuable report they will find interesting and informative.

Once they enter their information they will receive an email message asking them to confirm that they did in fact agree to receive information from your website. You need to use software with a confirming message setting. If not, someone could enter a bogus email address on your site which could lead to spam complaints from those who do not know where your email came from.

Once however, the right person confirms his or her request, your autoresponder sends a message of welcome and also a link where to obtain the promised gift.

Now you have an contact name and email address you can use to build a relationship. You can now send messages to these people on a regular basis easily with your autoresponder.

Use a program that allows you to easily set up messages to be delivered on the day you specify. For instance you can set up a series of email messages to go out every other day for a month, but all you had to do was spend one hour to set up a month long email campaign.

You can also find software to create and send out newsletters to your list. The software will provide a choice of several newsletter templates that you can choose according to your business. As with the email message option, you can send out your newsletter once a week, or once a month, or whenever you set them to go out.

These are the basic features most autoresponder software offer. But you can find different programs with different capabilities.

Internet marketing consultant David Bain is author of the 200-page free-to-download “13 Pillars of Internet Marketing” eBook and founder of the 26-Week Internet Marketing Plan. Find our more about autoresponder software at his website.

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