Do you know how easy an email marketing program can make your life? As a private used car dealership owner or operator, you can use email marketing to connect you with other businesses and potential clients, without having to break the bank. This will help you convert more potential clients into buyers and help you generate more business with other dealerships.

An email marketing program is designed to help you create a professionally designed email marketing campaign in minutes. By designing a campaign that appeals to your potential customers, you have a greater opportunity for repeat business. Because a top-ranked email marketing program will include a comprehensive list manager, you will be able to segment your contacts by the cars that they might be interested in. This will change the design of your campaigns.

Your design can include images of the vehicle’s interior, front, side, trunk-space, or any other special features that you would like to show, enhancing the likelihood of the potential sale. The best email marketing programs will make it so simple for you to upload images with just a click of a button. The written content you will include can be cut and pasted into the available fields, and can be edited and stylized to suit your vision. By designing your campaigns to show the features of your vehicles, you will increase the amount of conversions of potential clients.

You can also use these campaigns to unite yourself with other dealerships, creating an affiliate program that will earn you more commissions. By adding other dealerships to your contact list, you can send them the campaigns that you create. This will allow other dealerships to send you clients for a percentage of commissions based on the client’s interest in the vehicle that you are selling, and vice-versa. If other dealerships have a vehicle that matches a client’s needs, you can earn a little extra cash by sending the client their way for a small piece of the pie. This is a simple way that email marketing programs can help you in earning a little dough on the side.

Some things to keep in mind: the better the email marketing program, the more choice they are going to offer you. As an example, the a top ranked email marketing programs will allow you to choose your marketing strategy by offering you either “Unlimited Monthly Sending” or the use of a “credit system”. Using a monthly billing plan for email marketing software means you have a monthly cost based on the size of your subscriber list (the higher the number of subscribers, the higher the cost per month) that allows you an unlimited amount of sending within that month. This works great for enterprise-level businesses that are constantly sending out to hundreds of thousands of clients on a consistent basis.

With the credit system, you purchase an amount of credits depending on how you want to structure your email marketing strategy. Because one email address is the equivalent of one credit, you can determine how many email blasts you plan on doing for any certain campaign. As an example, if you have 3,000 subscribers that you want to send to 5 times over the next 6 months, up front you will purchase 15,000 credits (3,000 x 5). This saves you hundreds of dollars, as credit packages’ costs per thousand are reduced if you purchase more up front. Because the credits do not have a roll-over fee or a monthly charge, it puts you in full control of your marketing. You are not tied into marketing every single month. You have the freedom to choose whether or not you will market via email that month, depending on the needs and seasonality of your business.

The credit system tends to work better for small and medium sized businesses. The monthly costs can get expensive and the need to market every month isn’t always there. Plus, if you have a budget set aside for a certain campaign you are doing, you can use the credits to match your needs in terms of budget. However, this can be a financially unsound decision if you are an enterprise level business. Using email marketing software in the form of credits is just not cost effective for a company that sends out hundreds of thousands of emails per month.

The credit system is likely to work better when sending out as a privately-owned used car dealership. Although you will be sending out frequently, the amount of subscribers that you send to will likely be smaller in volume. Therefore you can purchase a large amount of email credits up front and draw from them as you would a bank account.

You will also want to choose an email marketing program that allows you unlimited possibilities in terms of list management. This will allow you to create a groupings of customers based on the kind of car they were looking at, or how interested they seemed (Hot, Warm, Cold), what week they came onto your lot, etc. This will help you to organize who you are sending to and keep you more organized. Because the better email marketing programs are set up with results tracking, you will be able to see exactly who is opening, clicking and forwarding your emails. This is extremely useful information for future marketing strategic planning.

An email marketing program will help you develop your business contacts and clients by giving you professional looking campaigns and list management and tracking capabilities. Because email marketing programs only cost a few dollars to use, it could totally reinvent the way that you do business. An email marketing program will make your privately owned used car dealership feel brand-new!

Robert Burko is the President of Elite Email, the complete email marketing program package used by previously owned car dealerships around the world. You can deploy a comprehensive email marketing solution for your used car dealership with a no risk free trial.

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