The Internet and technology connect us in ways we never thought possible and never has this been more obvious than with the events of recent years. The electronic media is being used as a way of getting the message out to a broad range of audiences in a timely manner and in a very cost effective way. However, is email marketing still a viable way of communicating or have we overused this strategy to the point where it no longer has the impact it once did? Email marketing continues to prove itself to be incredibly successful and a powerful medium when used properly and is currently the tool of choice for over 80% of online advertisers who are interested in maintaining or growing their business relationships.

No article on email marketing would be complete without addressing the whole social media-email debate that seems to have developed in the last few years. While much has been written about this, there is a general consensus, among online users, that there is a place for both social media and email to co-exist, especially when it comes to utilizing email as a marketing tool. Social media is built around the premise of adding a more “social” component to the communication process, whereas email marketing, in fact, targets its main audiences – businesses and its clients – for a more professional relationship, not a social or personal one and this is one of the main reasons why email marketing has a well earned reputation in the business world as being highly effective. While advertisers want to be connected to their clients, their relationship nonetheless remains professional and by definition these needs are different and should be viewed in a totally different manner. This is not to say that businesses should not partake in social marketing (they should!) but merely that each tactic requires a unique strategy and unique goals.

However, not all email marketing is created equally and this is where the business world really needs to take notice! One of the biggest detriments to legitimate email marketing has been the issue of spam and there is a world of difference between spam and a professionally mounted and run email marketing campaigns. Legitimate email marketing software companies have the tools and relationships in place to help people follow best practices and generate big results.

A complete and professional email marketing software program should offer you the opportunity of creating not only outstanding and professional emails, but it should also offer a comprehensive tracking system which was assist you in prospecting future audiences. Don’t forget that your mailing list is the “guts” of your business and your software program should offer you the capability of continuously updating and maintaining this list -so that it is always available and ready at your fingertips.

As you can see, finding the right email marketing software for your business is crucial and this is where you come in. The onus is on you to do your research before committing to any software. Fortunately, here again, the Internet and technology has made researching, assessing and ultimately finding the right email marketing software program for you as simple as possible.

A well engineered email campaign can go a long way in spreading the word about your product or services – so go ahead and take the plunge into the world of email marketing. You will be glad that you did.

Rudy Barell is a Senior Account Executive with Elite Email, the #1 email marketing program used by businesses around the globe. Experience how easy it is to build your mailing list, create eye-catching emails and track your success using detailed reports with the complete email marketing software. Try it free!

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