Before you hire an email marketing service or purchase professional email marketing software, let’s discuss why you shouldn’t run your email marketing campaign from your computer. In reality, you can’t.

It seems like a simple solution doesn’t it. You’ve been successfully sending emails to your family and friends for years, so why can’t you use the same system to send emails to your customers? Here’s why.

If you’re like most people, your email account is set up in one of three ways.

1. You’re using one of the free email services like Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo Mail.
2. You’re using an email address from your ISP or Internet Service Provider like SBC, Comcast or RoadRunner.
3. You’re using an email address from a share hosing service where your website is located like Hostmonster, HostGator or iWebHosting.

All of these services provide basic email service allowing you to send and receive a limited number of emails per day. None of these services are set up to send bulk emails, and all of them have policies in place to insure that their customers don’t use their service for that reason. Let’s look at the problems of trying to do so.

To start, all three services forcefully limit the number of outbound emails you can send to 50 per hour. They also have a daily limit you’re not allowed to exceed. Normally this isn’t a problem if you’re sending emails in accordance with their policy. But try sending an email to 500 people at a time and your email service provider will notice, and react.

If you do attempt to send more than 50 emails at one time, one of three things is going to happen.

1. Your service provider will lead you to believe that they sent all of your emails, when the reality is; they only sent the first 50 and disregarded the rest.
2. Your service provider will only send the first 50 emails on your list and not attempt to send the rest, but they will inform you of the problem.
3. Your service provider will see you as a spammer, someone who broke their terms of service and immediately ban your account until the problem is resolved. This is potentially an even bigger problem if you’re using a shared host, because they will also shut down access to your website.

If you do decide to work within the restrictions set forth by your email service provider, you certainly can space out your emails and limit them to 50 per hour. But consider this; if you had 500 on your list it would take 10 hours to manually send each of them your message.

If you manually limit the number of emails you send at one time to 50, your emails will be sent, but that’s no guarantee that your message will get through to your recipient’s in-box. As it turns out, there is a much bigger problem.

When you send an email using any of these services, you’re sending it from a shared server or shared host that has restricted access to the MTA or Mail Transfer Agent. What that means to you is that it will be impossible for you to implement several of the very critical anti-spam technologies allowing your emails to get through spam filters.

Without having these anti-spam technologies in place, you could easily set off a chain of events that would temporarily shut down your email account for spamming or have it removed forever. This is not a risk you want to take.

It would sure look like using one of these email services would be the easiest and cheapest way to go about email marketing, but it’s not. If you want to test it, try sending a message to 51 people from your computer and then ask the 51st person if they received your email. Or better yet, just check with your ISP or shared hosting company and review their email terms of service.

And even if your emails do get through, which they won’t, you still have to deal with the bigger problem of having your account banned when your service provider discovers that you’re breaking their rules or at the least, bending them. Be forewarned, you don’t want to discover this after it’s too late.

Do yourself a favor and quickly dismiss any idea of running an email marketing campaign from your computer using any of these email services. It’s against their terms of service and it’s not going to work.

There have been thousands of others who have wasted days and weeks trying to figure this out, only to discover that they’ve wasted days and weeks trying to figure it out.

If you want to do email marketing the right way, you’re either going to have to invest in professional email marketing software or hire an email marketing service. If you try anything else, you’re going to waste a lot of time and possibly do irreversible damage to your business.

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