Email marketing is the process of directly conveying or marketing a commercial message to various groups of people through email. Companies, firms, and business usually resort to email marketing to build their businesses, send out ads, to increase sales, and promote their products and services. Email marketing is used mainly to reach out to new potential customers and also to maintain relationships with existing customers, while encouraging them to repeatedly engage in business transactions with the company. A well organized and well directed Email Campaign can work significantly in favor of the company and can result in a positive return on the money invested.

How to start an email campaign

If you are looking to start direct marketing through email, you need to first get in touch with an Email Marketing Company that will provide you with email marketing strategies and services that are best suited to your needs. It will help you set up a strong and organized email marketing system that will give you maximum returns and the exact needs and requirements of your potential customers. If you select more than one group of target customers, the service provider will check for names that are duplicated so that only one email is sent to one person. All you have to do is customize the message you want to convey. The service provider will then formulate and populate the email with the data you requested.

How it works

A company that deals with direct email marketing will be your Email Service Provider. It allows the members to create, store, send, and receive emails. Most companies will provide you with a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) server option that will help you maintain and distribute your mailing lists and emails. A service provider will help you create a message that is best suited for you, so you can reach your target audience. You will then customize it to make it look like your brand by providing logos, templates, pictures, etc. You can then start building your email list by adding known email addresses and asking people to refer their friends. You can then send out your customized emails to the addresses in your mailing list. The service provider will help you to track your progress by documenting the reactions of the people who have received your emails.

Features of Online Email Marketing

Direct marketing through email has many features. Many service providers offer benefits such as extra storage space for uploading pictures, account management, mail list management, and advanced reporting functions on delivery of emails, database growth, opens, and clicks. Services also include the option of bulk email sending or high volume sending of emails. Bulk email sending is in high demand and some service providers offer features such as email calendars. Most of them also offer advanced tools and technical support to ensure you get the most out of your email marketing system.

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