Email marketing can revitalize your marketing/advertizing, especially in tough economic times. As a realtor you are in the business of making sure that your listings get noticed, and attract buyers at first contact. With a properly designed email marketing campaign, you will sell more homes and therefore make more money, and that is the bottom line.

Email marketing are far less expensive than the traditional paper and print ads, produces materials that look just as professional (if not more), and can track the results of your campaigns, giving you a better idea of the needs of your subscriber base. Because of how easy it is to design an email marketing campaign, it makes sense to have email marketing as part of your marketing strategy.

Within minutes you can upload images of the properties you have listed and cut and paste content into the appropriate sections. The better email marketing will have hundreds of templates for you to choose from in neatly organized categories, so that it will be easy to find whatever it is that suits your marketing needs.

Email marketing is especially important as economic times begin to falter. Because of how little it costs to access and how minimally time consuming it is to set up email marketing, it is a great alternative to more expensive print ads. So as the typical realtor’s budget begins to shrink, email marketing are a great way to continue to get your name and listings out there to potential clients and other real estate agents.

To determine which email marketing work best for you, the best method of identifying the top-ranked email marketing are by using search engines such as Google or Yahoo.

Here are a few tricks to think about when setting up your email marketing to create a campaign: Do not use too much bolding, italics, and capital lettering in the main body portion or the subject line of your email. Also, try not to put too many pictures of your products without also balancing those images with text content to support the images. Symbols like exclamation points or dollar signs in your subject line should also be avoided. All these techniques, commonly used to attract attention, also end up attracting spam filters. If you overuse them, your email will not go into your subscribers’ inbox, but rather into their spam or junk mail box.

When you are ready, click a button to schedule your email marketing campaign, and it will automatically go out to the people on your list at the date and time you selected.

Now that your email marketing campaign is finished and has arrived in your customers’ inbox, you will be able to track which of your clients were interested in your marketing campaign. One of the great things about an email marketing program is that it can track ‘clicks’, and ‘opens.’ This gives you a percentage breakdown and analysis of which of your customers are opening and clicking on the promotions you have in your email. Also, by adding a ‘forward to friend’ button, you will be able increase your mailing list, and have a greater chance to have more customers.

Email marketing is an advanced and cost effective method of staying on top during economic duress. Designing a professional template is the solution to selling more homes and having your name reach all those interested in your listings at a cost effective price. Flip this market up side with email marketing solutions.

Robert Burko is the President of, the leading email marketing program, serving thousands of businesses across the globe. The email marketing service is part of the family.
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