If there is an important message or event coming up that you want to let your customers know about, then you might want to consider investing in an established and reliable email marketing solution. Email marketing software can make it much easier for businesses to produce, send and track the performance of email campaigns.

One of the most effective and successful ways to get your brand name recognized and products seen, email marketing will keep your clients coming back for more by delivering eye-catching email communications to maintain regular contact and encourage strong client relationships.

A fast and easy way to keep your customers informed of any upcoming events or shows is to send out email newsletters. They are much simpler to produce and more economical than sending out newsletters via direct mail. Saving you money and time, email marketing will ensure you are a regular visitor in your clients’ inbox, your company will be more visible, and you’ll be in the forefront of shoppers’ minds when they require products or services such as yours.

A great idea to make your email newsletters have more impact is to divide your customer database up by putting customers into smaller groups depending upon their interests. This way you can send emails that have relevance to the clients and target those who will be interested, and not waste time and resources on those who are not interested in particular topics or products/services.

Sending out email newsletters also makes it a lot easier for your clients to forward your messages on to their friends or colleagues in similar employment or businesses. If any potential new customers, after looking at your newsletter, want to sign up, all they have to do is join your mailing list and they will soon be receiving their very own newsletter to their inbox. So there are some great opportunities to increase your word-of-mouth marketing with email marketing.

Emails take no time at all to send but how can you be sure they get read, or measure the success of email marketing? Real-time reports are the key here as they present tracking and reporting data. Reports are designed so they are very easy to understand using a combination of graphs and statistics; you can even see who forwarded your email to another person, and who clicked on which links. This means you can come to a better understanding of what consumers are interested in reading about, and adapt your information to get the best response and increase business and sales.

Email marketing software allows you to assemble email templates very quickly and with little fuss, and add the personal touch that will catch potential clients’ interest and make them want to find out more. Check out more information about email marketing software online.

A fully integrated email and cross-channel marketing platform makes it quicker to design email campaigns and messages, and to get effective response from your campaigns. By studying your customer data you can easily split your clientele into separate groups, aim specific product advertising at the right target audience, personalize emails, as well as ensure messages are getting to recipients at the most optimal time. A cross-channel marketing platform enables you to store specific information about each of your customers, and how they’ve last interacted with your company. Then, using this information, you can craft specific email and other campaigns to be sent at defined times in that particular customer’s shopping and buying process.

Reporting and analysis is one of the most important aspects to a cross-channel marketing platform; you could spend a lot of time designing, planning and maintaining marketing strategies, but you need a way to measure their success if you want to be sure you aren’t just wasting your time. The platform can provide you with deep insight into performance, from delivery metrics to ROI, and individual-level open, click, and post-click behavior.

A marketing CMS, or Content Management System, makes cross-channel collaboration that much easier and also ensures you act in accordance with corporate brand guidelines as well as any government guidelines for your industry. With a marketing CMS, all key employees throughout your organization can find approved digital assets to use in various outbound marketing activities. This includes assets like logos and product images, and also approved product messaging copy as well. Together with a clear user interface, complete features for print output, and exceptional personalization features, it offers every business the ability to take ownership of cross-channel brand consistency, and guarantees relevant information is delivered to the right target market.

Matt Kennedy writes about the latest technology and marketing trends including marketing CMS applications, email marketing software as well as cross-channel marketing.
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