For many business owners the online world is a very difficult to understand place. And they’re thoughts on email marketing is to send out emails to their hard earned contacts and annoy the heck out of them. It doesn’t need to be this way with highly digestible with a free email marketing course here and some niche marketing advice to create a successful marketing funnel.

The fastest way that you can get targeted, niche, traffic to your website is through advertising and using PPC (pay per click) strategies in Google, Facebook, YouTube etc. But the problem here is, if you don’t have your marketing funnel in place, or even if you do and you don’t have the right range of testing tools to monitor it’s success, you’re going to be dead in the water also.

When it comes to follow-up and building trust, a reliable, multi-platform, email marketing system needs to be well thought through and in place, with multiple versions of your follow-up message before you begin. The problem that most marketers always face is “are we sending the RIGHT message to the right people at the right time?

If you’re email marketing program actually tests this, then you’re in good standing to improve your progress with email marketing, and keeping the prospects who come to your website in the first place. There’s no real trick or email marketing tips you really need, to do this successfully if you just follow any of the good email marketing providors out there, they have a great deal of email marketing tips on thier blogs, PDF downloads and videos to follow. Many free email marketing training course type programs to get you on the right track, and the very best of them have email marketing coaching programs for their paid members and forums to ask questions on the best email marketing strategies to use.

Most email marketing tools have some kind of free email marketing training course that will give you the right idea on how to go about using analytics, writing the emails to get the best response etc. The very best of these offer forums, videos, walkthroughs, case studies and specialised blue prints to your niche in specific detail.

The tricky part with your emails to prospects is to NEVER SELL your products or services directly, as people hate this approach and will unsubscribe from your list. The best approach I’ve seen is to use a multi-tiered approach, and offer something valuable for free and then gain their trust, show them some R.I.A. (Results In Advance), actually give them a step-by-step procedure that you know works and people would pay you for a consult for. Then once they’ve bought that, and come back for more and finally purchase something, then you’re email program will move them from the free list, to a paid list and so on up the ladder to your most expensive solution.

There’s some excellent options to manage your email marketing escalation campaigns and one being sub $ 20’s that is the bee’s knees. Do your research, weigh these programs up, read reviews and go to sites that teach in-depth strategies to put your entire niche marketing campaigns together, then you be the decider.

So if you own a business, online or off, you can implement these strategies by creating a very simple series of messages, many companies begin with only 5 to 7 emails, set on auto-pilot (the trick having them written in a persuasive way) that will build trust, entice questions to be asked and lead to eventual sales without any form of sales pitch about the product or service whatsoever.

Now that’s clever marketing!

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