Looking for a flexible and reliable solution to plan, implement and monitor a professional manner sending email?Want to a email marketing tool based interface easy to use that you can easily integrate into their existing CRM and ecommerce? Your wish is my command.

With over 2000 systems customers and over 10 billion of emails sent per quarter, figures speak for themselves. Companies and agencies with large volumes leaders send Email rely on the performance and reliability of the ec-messenger, email marketing tool based service.

By email marketing tool to send email, will benefit from detailed reports in real time, the option to customize their messages and current best practice advice from our experts in email marketing tool. With features including full “bounce management” and a splitting machine, you can ensure that your emails always arrive correctly to your Inbox. In addition, email marketing tool providers also have a specialist team dedicated to addressing all aspects of relationships with Internet service providers (ISP).
Key Opportunities for your organization

Strengthen customer loyalty through newsletters relevant target groups on a regular basis, and email marketing tool
Exploiting diverse cross-selling opportunities and increase sales through email campaigns and e-newsletters
Enjoy the ability to include offerings for the mails coupons to drive customers to your email marketing tool site or store to encourage buying behavior
Enhance brand image and customer loyalty with the V-mails
Thanks to automated and transactional emails, maintain and enhance relationships with customers at key points of the life cycles

Key Benefits

Work with one of the senders send bulk Email largest in Europe, with an expert knowledge in email marketing tool
As independent international studies show, may benefit from one of the massive shipping solutions world’s most powerful Email
Email marketing tool is powerful because, at present, you may send over 10 million Emails per hour, which means that our email marketing tool is suitable for all types of businesses, whether large or small.
From a legal standpoint, and also be sure to include an ASP solution with integrated antispam functions
Any existing CRM or ecommerce can be easily integrated with email marketing tool for sending email, the ec-messenger
The implementation of the solution of sending mass personalized Email can be done in just a few days
It will provide a unique personal touch so you can ask any question
If desired, email marketing tool will help you complete campaign management, including sending and reports
In addition, a consulting experts will help you optimize your mass mailing activities further Email
email marketing tool are helps to show you the live system, either by phone or face to face.

Meanwhile, why not check out our list of ec-messenger functions, which collects our range of functional characteristics of sending mass email in more detail. Why Social Media and email marketing tool are so powerful?
All companies should use different marketing strategies. Why social networks and email are powerful methods? You need to answer this question if you plan to succeed.
Statistics in the Social Network Marketing
The Social network marketing is very powerful and companies ignore huge gains could be lost.

99% of online retail stores aim to have a Facebook page for 2011 and 91% also plan to have a Twitter page. 86% of companies plan to increase their social marketing budget in the very near future. These figures are staggering and show that you must use this marketing medium.

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