You have to determine, based on your niche market, just what type of email marketing system you plan to put into place. Your email marketing solution will be built around an email marketing tips list, newsletter or ezine.

How do you decide what kind of email to sent to your opt in list?

Let’s define three basic email marketing list types.

Email Marketing Tips List.

The email marketing tips List is set up with “evergreen content”, which means that the emails are not date or season sensitive. You can load as many tips as you like into the auto responder and set the delivery schedule according to your preference.

These tips are usually based on the niche market you are promoting. If you were an Affiliate marketer your email marketing program could be built around basic tips on email marketing itself, article writing, keyword research, etc. As long as you stay with the basics this information will be good for many years to come.

If you want subscribers to receive one tip from you each week, you only need to provide 52 tips and the list will run without interruption for a whole year. In this manner each subscriber will always get every tip from the very beginning of the series.

You can add to your email marketing tips list whenever you desire. This is one of the simplest and easy email marketing solutions and probable the most time savvy ways to run a mailing list. You can even outsource your tip writing to a ghostwriter and just add in personal remarks and P.S. messages to each one.

Using a Newsletter as your Email Marketing Strategy.

A great email marketing strategy is the use of a Newsletter. As I am defining a newsletter here it is built around the products or services you offer and has as it’s primary purpose, the goal of promoting those products or services through showing people how they could benefit from them.

This method is usually not as “evergreen” as marketing tips, but if you have a good solid program the changes to your mail content will be minimal and will have to be made only when the product is updated.

Using an Ezine as your Email Marketing Solution.

Your email marketing strategy for your Ezine is usually based on a more in depth publication offering a variety of articles and content centered on a topic of interest. The good thing about Ezine marketing is that your can promote a large variety of products to your audience.

You can use an Ezine to not only promote your products but to also to sell ad space to other marketers for them to promote theirs. This can be a nice little extra income for your business.

You could prepare your Ezine with evergreen content and load it into an auto responder just like the newsletter or Tips List. This could workout alright as long as you keep your information basic but most often you will want to provide the content in a date sensitive fashion.

The good thing about and Ezine is that it usually goes out monthly or biweekly. You have plenty of time to write your copy and setup your ads.

What Email Marketing Solution Should You Use.

Each of the email marketing programs listed above work very well in most any niche marketing area. In my opinion, for what I call the self improvement industry where you are helping people to build a better life, a combination of an email marketing tips list and a newsletter work best.

This way you can setup an “evergreen” content rich system that you can add to constantly and promote with as well. You can have a short series of tips with newsletters in between that show people how to benefit from a product that will help them better use the tips you are giving them.

Either way you decide to setup your email marketing program, just remember that one of the things that is of paramount importance is to build a relationship with your email marketing list. This is done best with good content and programs that meet the desires of your list

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