Are you trying to build your subscriber list but bewildered by all the traffic building options that are all over the internet. If you remove the hype from all the individual internet marketers there are essentially a few distinct but easy to follow phases to building your lists with a true opt in process.

There are really 3 phases to attracting potential customers, getting them to subscribe and ensuring they become long time customers of your home or solo owned business
1. Uniqueness
2. Distinctive
3. Consistency

1. Be Unique and very much self-aware
Know yourself is simple but hard to do. It is why we all love polls and questionnaires because it gives insight into ourselves. Well we start with this as the key strategy because once you know yourself you can make all else change to meet your needs. The infrastructure of list building is the same. The process you select will make the difference in your sticking with it on a daily basis.

2. Be Distinctive – have one solid set of processes and strategy

Basic List Building – Foundation Strategies
1. You need to learn about building customer database and email broadcasting systems
2. You need to learn about an email capture and list building database.
3. You will need to know how to write an opt-in web page that works to enforce signups.
4. You need to understand the dynamics of a “squeeze page” and how they work.
5. You will also need to develop a compelling ezine description
6. You also need to know what to put on the “thank you” page and followup.
7. You will also need to learn what to put into an autoresponder.

3. Be Consistent – stay the course, be in it for the long haul.
Like the real estate agents are fond of saying location, location, location. In list building and traffic generation we can say repetition, repetition, repetition. Consistently doing a small boring thing well is better then doing an exciting thing badly.

As an aside, once you get going you will need to learn residual back end income strategies. These consist of more advanced learning like the basics of monetizing your pages. Then you will learn the process of developing your unique way of building additional customer loyalty.

Building your list can be very rewarding and your sales of internet products will increase tremendously.

However it is highly recommended that first you learn yourself, second follow a plan and third, be consistent.

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