As you hang out and learn more about Internet marketing the theme of list building eventually comes out. One area of particular interest is how lucrative list building comes about.

If you don’t understand what building a list is all about, you will enjoy this article because we’re going to look at three of the most common questions that Internet marketers have.

1. What is the best way to build a list? This is a pretty simple question to answer really. You really just need an autoresponder to store contact information, and then a way to start promoting what your list is about.

Many people choose to use a landing page or splash page with a sign-up form to their list on it. They will trade something of value such as an ebook in exchange for the visitor giving their name and email address.

Using a quality autoresponder is extremely important. This is not one area that you want to cut corners because getting your message is delivered and through spam filters is extremely important.

2. How often should I follow up with my list? There is no cut and dry answer in terms of how often you keep in touch with your list. Initially you want to have a series of prewritten messages in your autoresponder that are automatically delivering email messages to your subscribers.

Initially you may want to set those to go out every one to two days. Once your autoresponder series of email messages runs out then you should continue to keep in touch with your list on the consistent basis.

You don’t have to be afraid to contact them because you will only be using opt in methods to create your list. Therefore you are building a quality list that can be very lucrative and if someone wants to unsubscribe that should be okay with you.

3. How do I keep in touch with my list? The best way to keep in touch with your list is to mix in useful information with products that you sell. The one thing you definitely do not want to do is sell to your list all the time.

Having a quality list is all about building relationships with the people in it. An easy way to do that is to send out questionnaires or surveys periodically. Try to engage your list and let them get involved in helping you form your business.

These are three of the most common questions that do come up about list building. Your list can be extremely lucrative to you if you take the time to follow these three steps.

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