Have you been working on list building for some time? If so, then perhaps it is time that you learn about some more advanced techniques. While there are some basic techniques that work very well, if you want to take the list you have to the next level, then you’ll need to take your techniques to the next level as well. The following are some creative and advanced list building techniques that you can use to help build up a bigger email marketing list.

Provide Sign Up Incentives
We’re beyond the basics now, so if you want to further work to build your list, you may want to provide sign up incentives to people who sign up for your email list. Often if people are offered something for free, that offers the little push that they need to go ahead and sign up for your list. You can offer a prize or you can offer an information product like a free report to those that sign up. You’ll be surprised at how this really increases your sign ups.

Have a “Join” Link on All Content
Do you have a variety of different pages on your website? If so, one of the more advanced list building techniques is to have a “join” link on all of the content that you have. Go through the entire site and make sure that there is a link available on each page where they can join your list. This way you don’t let any opportunities slip by you. You can also include these links on your blog posts as well if you happen to have a blog as well.

Promote on Printed Materials Too
While you probably do most of your business online, chances are you have some printed materials as well, especially if you do a lot of local business. Perhaps you use postcards or you have business cards. If so, then make sure that you promote your email list on this printed material too. Put your website link on the business card or post card and remind people that they can sing up for your newsletter. This is another great way that you can work to build up that list even more.

If you begin to use some of these more advanced techniques for list building, you will begin to see a nice increase in the list that you have. In fact, you should quickly begin to see a difference. As you gain more contacts, you’ll have the opportunity to convert more to customers, and this will provide you with more profit as well.

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