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List Building is one of the most important things you are going to do as an Internet Marketer. However you may not know the techniques & software to use to get your customer & visitors information.

List Building for Affiliates – Power List Pro

Affiliate Marketers that simply send potential customers straight to the vendors sales page are leaving money on the table. Conversions in affiliate marketing are at the very best 1 in 10 & it is more common to see 1 in 100, meaning 90 – 99 prospects are of no value to the affiliate. You need to collect your leads personal information using custom list building software before they make a buying decision & are lost forever.

Using Power List Pro, during the redirect your pop-up will appear above the Sales page you are promoting, you also have the choice of blanking out the sales page with a light box feature or just having a fixed or floating pop-up. Your visitor can easily close the pop-up without entering their details saving your sale, however if your offer is convincing they will complete the pop-up & continue reading the sales page.This technique is very powerful, instead of loosing all your leads, you now have the ability to follow up, offering them similar products within this niche.

Exit Blocker – Web Profit Doubler

With average bounce rates running above 50% over half your visitors are leaving your site without following your sales funnel. This is where exit software comes in , when a visitor decides to leave either by using the close window or back button they are presented with a second chance pop-up. Many times this second chance pop-up will offer a discount off the original product, it can also be configured to offer a free gift or information for their details.

What do you have to loose, these visitors were leaving anyway

List Building

All Internet Marketers must collect & use their customers information. If you are not collecting customers information from your payment provider you are loosing your greatest resource, repeat customers. Customers are the easiest group to sell to, you can easily collect your customers details direct from Paypal with Customer List Builder software.

Viral List Building

Viral List Building is as easy as giving away something of value!( With Resale Rights). This works because it offers all owners of the product a great incentive to distribute it: They can sell it themselves and keep all the money.

Just Lock a MMR product with Viral Master List Builder & give it away.

When this special locked version is used for the first time by any new user, they will need to enter a special code number before they can use the product on their PC. They will be directed to a signup form on your website in order to get their code. As soon as they subscribe, you just send them the code in their first email.

Simple the more you give away the more potential sellers the bigger your list.

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