There are many different ways that you can work on building an email list for your website. Additionally, there is a lot of terminology being thrown around today that may be confusing you more than clearing up the situation. The good news is that mastering the different ways of building an email list, based on the level of permission and confirmation given is very easy and will give you a clearer picture of what should improve for your website.

The first kind of list building option you have is a non opt-in signup. This is basically a form where you are collecting a person’s information for another use and then you automatically sign them up for your email list. Typically this is done by pre-checking the “Yes I want to sign up to your list” option at the bottom of the form. The people may be registering for your site, registering for an event, signing up for a contest, making a purchase or anything else. The point is however unless they change that checkbox, they will be signed up for your list.

The next kind of list building option is the opt-in form. This is basically the same thing as above, except in this situation the “Yes I want to sign up to receive your emails” checkbox is left blank. It is up to the user to accept that if they choose to do so. Therefore, they have to be opting in. You can do this on your email signup form or as mentioned, with any other kind of form, such as a registration of some sort.

Following this you have the double opt-in email list signup. When you use a double opt-in, first a person has to manually sign up for your list with an opt-in. Then, an email is immediately sent out to their account. The person has to either click on a link provided in that email or reply to the email itself in order to be completely registered.

With these three options, the complexity increases each time. As a result, you will receive the fewest additions to your email list when you use a double opt-in. You’ll see the most when you use a basic form that’s doesn’t require opt-in. The difference however is going to be in the quality of the prospects that you deliver to your list.

Through each step of the process, comparing the three different methods above, you will be weeding out less interested parties. Therefore, the prospect that successfully completes a double opt-in registration for your email list is going to be extremely interested in whatever it is you have to say, or whatever it is that you’re offering. Your email list may be smaller as a result, but you’ll have highly qualified prospects that you will have a much easier time converting or reaching out to.

Consider these different methods for your website and what might work the best for you. The double opt-in may result in the smallest email list, but the people you have on there you know will be excellent. As the complexity increases, so does the quality of the prospect that you receive.

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