There are many internet marketing gurus out there and they would never fail to tell you that the list would make you money. Nonetheless, a list which is not created properly would be trash and you would not earn from it. Proper opt-in list building is a must aside from having thousands of prospects. Even if you have a million prospects but if your list is not well made, then money would not flow! You have to have responsive prospects since they would bring cash. Read on these 4 list building techniques:

Determine what your market really wants – A tighter affinity would be established by knowing what are essential to your prospects. Check what keywords do they use to search and what products are they looking out for. After that offer, look for the product that they buy most. They would purchase it if they find it essential. Be warned not to give all the details they need when making a report on your site! They would not want to spend money once they already know what they have to know. Therefore it is a must to inform them with only necessary info for them to crave for more.

Squeeze page – This is also known as opt-in page. This is just a small portion on your site wherein visitors can fill up a simple form (making it long would make it less effective thus email address and name will do). This form would subscribe them to your mails, newsletters, etc. Partially, you have hooked the fish. After that, you can begin your free email marketing then make sure that the content you would send them are valuable yet curiosity-triggering.

Look for partners – This would boost your sales. Sites which have the same niche as yours are good partners. Take this as an example: You own a site about lead generation marketing. Thus, the partners you must seek out are sites of the same topic. One of the most effective list building strategies is this, cross promoting. Basically, it is the act of mutual advertising in which one person advertises the product/s of his partner and then the partner does the same thing. They promote each other’s products in their sites and blogs. You can gain this by emailing site owners telling that you want to cross promote your products.

Site traffic – This is the next thing you have to do. You should be able to direct traffic to you. Basically, advertising would solve the problem. Methods such as ezine writing, press releases, pay per click ads, and search engine optimization can help you here.

The traffic alone would not build your list. What you need is for them to opt-in. This means that you need to have them bite the bait. Give freebies as they opt-in – that is a good way to attract people – such as newsletters and e-books. You have to give them something that would attract their attention and would make them look for more information from you.

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