Number of and quality of back links generated are an indicator of how popular the website is in term of Search engine Optimisation and in turn how apt it is to rule over the rankings. Link building is a critical factor to be considered when it comes to the success or failure of a website. Back links of good quality enable the site to rank better and hence it would be viewed at a better position of a website when looked for on the search engine. In the nature of the search engines, links are considerable through recommendations.
It is often said and rightly believed that obtaining a few of the right links, from the right places can be more valuable than getting innumerable links from the wrong places. The quality of links are determined by various factors that include-
1. Authority/trust of the linking webpage: Google ranks segregate spam sites from genuine sites.
2. Context: link has to pertain to the webpage it reverts to.
3. Popularity- Links generated from popular sites matter more to search engines.
4. Link anchor: The link-text should spell out the content of the linked to website in just a few words
5. Nature of the link: link has to be written in html

List building refers to gathering a list of followers to whom information regarding the site can be mailed. This ever lengthening list is made up of users who sign up for a websites auto responder service. Users participating are generally included to be a part of the list to which mails are sent. List building is a huge way to market their product and gross sales for ecommerce owners.

What mails to send to the chosen list?
After devising the list, the receivers are mailed regularly for promotions, discounts, updates, newsletters, new products launches, etc. Exclusive offers for members could be a lucrative option that could attract many potential customers. Informing customers about new launches and products, offering enormous discounts, and having them to subscribe to the newsletter, done after formulating that never-ending list, helps create interest and also gain trust of the mail receivers.
The key lies in creating a good list and not letting anyone slip away. Invite these listed people for webinars that you organise, speaking out for your website and your product. Such measures shall generate interest and keep customers active. All these plus back links spells out a successful venture, if responded properly.

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