There are hundreds and hundreds of websites out there telling you the secrets of list building. These so called “secrets” of the gurus generally do not work for most people as they are almost always too specific to be used in all markets.

Here are a few simple list building secrets for you to start with. As you increase your awareness of your market and the followers in your market you can expand, but for now, don’t worry about building a huge list of 10,000 followers. What good is this size of list if 99 percent are not going to buy what you are offering. It is far better to have a list of only 500 if they are highly targeted to your specific niche.

Use a squeeze page with a free download to get email addresses – those who download something related to what you are selling are people who are interested in what you have to offer. Once you have a small list, ensure that the content you send them is of the highest quality and is sent regularly (that is the only way to keep their interest) – you need to continually remind those on you list that you exist and the material you send them must provide proof of your seriousness and the quality of what you are offering them.

Once people start trusting you, you can ask them for references and while few will reply, those who do will be giving you addresses of those who are like them and will be interested in what you have to offer and the fact that you are communicating with the new customer through a reference means that trust has already been established with your new contact.

Another list building secret is to always be polling your list for information. Find out what really motivates the members of your list and find out what interests them. This will provide you with valuable information to further target the email promotions you send them.

Check out what your competitors are doing by joining their mailing lists under a different email address – it’s a great way to learn their list building secrets. There is much more to list building but the fundamental list building secret is that the quality of your list is more important than its size.

A properly executed list building secret will enable you to promote many different products to the same group of people. Your list building techniques should focus on quality and not just quantity.

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