List Building Software – Complete

If you didnt already know List Building is one of the most important functions for any Internet Marketer. Customer & Visitor information can easily be collected using custom software & list building techniques.

Affiliates – Power List Pro

Sending potential customers directly to vendors sales pages is like throwing money away! Affiliate conversions run somewhere between 1 & 10 % meaning that for every 100 prospects the affiliate sends to the sales page over 90 have no value. Capture your leads personal details using custom list building software before sending them onto the sales page.

Using Power List Pro & capturing your prospects information using this technique you can follow up with alternate or complimentary offers.

Exit List Building – Using Web Profit Doubler

Unfortunatly most of your visitors will leave your site without buying or signing up to your list. This is where Web Profit Doubler takes over, when a visitor decides to leave either by using the close window or back button they are presented with a second chance pop-up. Many times this second chance pop-up will offer a discount off the original product, it can also be configured to offer a free gift or information for their details.

What do you have to loose, these visitors were leaving anyway

Customer list building

You must collect your customers email details. Existing customers are far easier to sell to than prospects so collect your customers details using customer list building software.

Viral Master List Builder

Viral List Building is as easy as giving away something of value!( With Resale Rights). Resale Rights give the recipients of your “gift” an insentive to continue distributing it.

All you have to do is lock the product using custom software & give it away on your site or via any means you can.

Locked software requires a special code for activation, to obtain this code users will be required to sign up to your list

Promote your product & watch your list grow!

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