Although online list building is a part of the modern web entrepreneur’s marketing strategy, if you want it to yield results for you, there are several things to consider. While many news and talk about the boons and benefits of online marketing strategies, many people fail to design an effective list building campaign as part of their marketing plan because of the following reasons. Read on and save yourself from the bother of hastily jumping into the online list building buzz – and failing to get results.


If on the World Wide Web people consider content as king, in the world of online entrepreneurs, the lifeblood of the businesses is nothing less than the list. Through a list an entrepreneur is given direct and unparalleled access to the potential client’s mailbox. While there are many marketing methods out there, few are as direct and as potentially effective as list building. With advertisements scattered on web pages, the chances of a visitor actually checking out the flickering and flashy advertisements is relatively low. But with mail, you are guaranteed at least a few minutes of time for the potential client to scan your message. And if it is well-written, you can get the visitor clicking on your link – and leading your customer closer to a client than ever before.

Quantity vs. quality

To make this style extra effective, the first step is to distinguish between quantity and quality. Many people often forget that it is not just numbers that one should look out for in online list building. An equally important aspect to consider is the quality of the people in the lists. If no one has ever told you this before, it is best to have it reiterated right now: a thousand entry lists that does not fit the market demographic and niche you are marketing in simply does nothing. On the other hand, with a few hundred good contacts that are willing to respond to your queries, you are guaranteed a solid income.

Large and small scale

Another distinction that has to be made is the differences between large scale online businesses and small scale online businesses. The marketing strategies and business plan that you will formulate must be able to meet the scope of your company. For instance, with the much larger resources available with large scale businesses, it may be a good idea to invest in third party service providers who will help in the optimization of the web site, the creation of web content such as search engine optimized articles and even videos, and the media placement of the site across the internet for maximum exposure and increase in internet user traffic.

However, with the limited resources of a small scale online business, the options are different to say the least. One of the best things about online list building when you are a small scale business, however, is the fact that you need fewer contacts than giant corporations. Here, you are also able to maximize your people skills because you have time to allot to each client. Because of this, a few hundred contacts is often enough to be stable.

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