Creating a list of leads that you can repeatedly influence & make purchasing suggestions to, is far and away, the single most popular manner in which income is generated online. The 10 list building tips for newbies in this article might be the difference between your ultimate success or your potential failure online. Are you really serious about generating cash over the internet? Then take notes and do a search on each tip, to learn more.

First and foremost, do not even think about creating a list or sending emails to them if you have yet to get an unlimited autoresponder service. For less than twenty dollars a month you can prevent your business from getting brought to a halt, due to false spam complaints. Additionally, an autoresponder will automate your newsletter and help you to set up automatic pilot streams of income.

Learn to build a simple one page website, known as a squeeze page, and learn how to connect it to your autoresponder. The only thing it is for is to build your list. On your squeeze page, you will offer something very enticing to get people to voluntarily allow you to email them. It should be something you can give away in a digital download, like an ebook that helps them achieve their goals or solve a problem.

Most list builders make the mistake of only giving the one thing of value away. You should do the opposite and have some helpful information in every email. Let your subscribers see that you are doing more than trying to make money off of them, and many of them will grow very loyal to you.

As you build your blog and your website, make a section of every page, a mini-squeeze page. Have your lead capture form and your enticement offer where visitors can’t miss it. Immediately start, and always maintain, an article marketing campaign, using several of the most prominent article directories, to drive traffic to your squeeze page and website.

Open an account with Squidoo and start on an ongoing Squidoo page campaign to get more traffic to your Squeeze page. Google gives Squidoo preferential treatment in terms of listings in the search results. It is also better than article directories because you can post pictures. You can even embed videos; and that is the next list building tip. Start a video marketing campaign to publicize your squeeze page. Be sure to put your YouTube videos in your Squidoo pages. When you write your video notes on YouTube, start out with the address to your squeeze page. It will be a direct hot link to it, that way.

If you are not already a member of the major social networking sites, then start joining them immediately. A lot of them will let you post your actual html source code to your squeeze page. The rest will let you link to it. Participate in these social sites. Join groups, and invite and accept friends. You don’t have to push your squeeze page on people. By being friendly, you will draw people to it.

Use that same strategy in various discussion forums. Go to Google and type in your niche’s name and the word, forums. Before joining a forum, look at the signatures and make sure they allow links. Then create a link to your squeeze page. Participate organically and be helpful and friendly. Every post will be a promotion for your squeeze page, without even mentioning it and without being a spammer.

If you are not already tweeting, become a Twitter member right away. Find some good ways to grow a large list of followers and work at it every day, as you follow this tweet formula. Nine of ten tweets should be things you would love if someone tweeted them to you. They can be funny jokes, beautiful pictures, inspirational stories, great videos, helpful advice, etc. One out of ten is the link to your squeeze page. Following these 10 list building tips for newbies will sure help you create a large list, given time and daily action.

Matt Fraser is the creator of List Building Strategies 101. Learn diverse ways that you can quickly build your mailing list and convert your new found subscribers into long time customers when you enroll in his Free List Building Class.

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