What if you were able to develop a much more efficient and targeted email marketing campaign simply based on your approach to list building?

I not only think it’s possible, but I believe the end result may be a more satisfied group of customers and site visitors. Furthermore I will go so far as to say that you will experience an improved bottom line simply by changing your list building approach.

One of the key changes you will need to make is to try to develop a means of understanding the interests of your site visitor. By making this change you can develop a campaign using more than one list that will reflect the actual interests of your site visitors. You may be surprised at how this approach can help you pinpoint areas of interest by your motivated potential customers while minimizing potential inbox clutter for these same individuals.

Let’s say, for the sake of example, you have a company that sells lotions, shampoos and conditioners. You could work to develop list-building techniques using a broad range appeal, but for a more focused approach to email marketing you can develop a separate list service for each broad category.

In this case you may have one list for shampoos, another for lotions and a third for conditioners. It may be that you have site visitors who have an interest in all three, but there will also be some that are interested in one specific product line. You have the ability to keep them happier by developing a means of alerting them to sales and product information related specifically to a product line of their choosing without the need to sort through emails that are not reflective of their actual interests.

If, hypothetically, the product line is shampoos then you provide an opt in link that allows the site visitor to sign up for information about shampoos only.

This list building procedure allows you to better grow your email-marketing list in an organized, yet laser focused manner.

This may seem like more work than you may want to do, but the truth is this gives you greater control and flexibility in satisfying the informational needs of those on your list. It can also help stagger your email marketing so you are actually sending additional email marketing pieces, but to a more satisfied client base.

By targeting your online list building efforts you are letting your customers know you are aware of the value of their time and are willing to do what it takes to ensure they are only contacted when there are sales, coupon code offers or new information about the product line they chose.

You can use phrasing like, “Click to be alerted to sales and discounts on this product”.

Some visitors may want to be included in every list you have available, but for those who may have limited interest in most products, but large interest in a particular product, a more focused approach could help you retain these individuals as consumers of your product line.

In list building it may appropriate to get specific and stay focused.

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