List building secrets do exist, if you’re not out searching for other ways to increase your list results and number.

A recap on list building. Building a list, I believe, is a mandatory business attribute if you’re looking for long term growth and stability.

Let’s look at the major players in the online world, a perfect example would be Amazon. The minute you buy from amazon don’t kid yourself but your information is obviously being collected and they are building a huge customer base of millions of people.

If amazon wanted they could stop selling to the public and continue to make millions from their current list of customers.

The obstacle I see is how to approach a group of buyers and begin building a list where you can develop products and continue to market to them continuously.

You don’t want to just go and sell 1 time and get out, although that may work at times you are not really building a equitable business that provides value to a certain market.

Wealth is created by providing value to a certain market place, always keep that in mind. Think long term when you’re approaching a niche.

I want to give you an example of thinking laterally, you may have a product and want to sell to a niche but that niche is very competitive through the pay per click medians and the search engines are just packed.

A strategy that many of the “gurus” take is to go into other markets not related to their “intended” product.

My intended product will provide value to network marketers via the internet however I must realize that they don’t type those kind of keywords.

So I realized who my customers are and where they would go on the internet for their needs. This is where creativity is introduced and you don’t have to be in your niche to sell your product.

What if I began building a list in the job search market? I’ll create a report on how to get a job and layout your resume afterwards I’ll build my list and as I gain more authority in that market.

I come in giving them examples of why a job is great however if they want to live their “dreams” and survive in today’s society it’s critical for them to start a business from home as well as working a part-time job.

Not only have I built a list somewhere but I have provided value and can now move my list in the direction that I originally planned even if it isn’t with the market I joined initially.

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