Once you have your system in place, your autoresponder series set up, and these are running smoothly, you want to build various landing pages (splash pages/lead capture pages). While you only really need one, as you can imagine, promoting your website with numerous pages only increases your chances of capturing leads.
The next little list building secret is not really a secret. Driving traffic to your landing page(s). This will take some time as there are several methods to drive traffic, but you can tweak and test to see which ones work best for you.

This is where the commitment comes in. Building a solid list and driving traffic is what separates the winners from the losers.

Google AdWords – A way to advertise to people searching on Google looking for information about a particular niche, like yours.

Free classified ads – Craig’s List, BackPage — Advertise your business for free and reach millions of people. Another option here is to search the “wanted” section. See what people are looking for and extend a helping hand. Just a quick note here: Repetitive listing on free sites will get your ads deleted. Be creative and change your ads. Don’t list them all at once; add one or two a day. This decreases the chance of them being deleted.

Article submissions – Write articles relevant to your niche. Submit them to article directors and provide a link to your page.

Blogs – Use Blogger.com to create blogs for free. Connect and communicate with people interested in your niche. Provide a link to your page. Remember, a blog is not to be used as a sales page. You connect, communicate, and then introduce your niche when appropriate.

Social bookmarking – FaceBook, MySpace and hundreds of others — meet and connect with people across the globe. Develop relationships and promote your products or services. There are more social bookmarking sites than days of the year. You can join one or several. Just remember that you have to actively participate in them so it does take up some time. It’s better to focus on one or two than to have several that you don’t frequent often.

These are just a few ways that you can drive traffic and build lists. All of these are free, with the exception of Google AdWords, although it is definitely worth the cost to utilize this powerful marketing tool. You might want to start with one and gradually include the others. Whatever method or methods you decide to use, know that it will take time and results won’t happen overnight.

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