List Building Master Class:

MASTER CLASS OBJECTIVE: Learn advanced strategies to build a massive subscribers lists and keep them opening your emails again and again.

With this video you will learn:

How to quickly set up squeeze pages and capture systems
How to use autoresponders effectively
How to create quick giveaway freebies to build your list
How to find free pre-written emails
How to increase open rates and click-through rates
Video Rating: / 5 Here is an email list building tactic I use to build my list. It’s called solo ads.

When I’m actively running solo ads, I’m usually able to generate hundreds of leads per day right now, this year.

This may change down the road, but as of right now, this year, solo ads are cheap, they’re effective and very easy because you don’t have to worry about landing page quality score or paying per click and keeping an eye on your ads ad paying by the click.

What you’re getting is an ad that goes out to a subscriber list, so whenever you buy a solo ad; let’s say you buy a solo ad for 0 for 1,000 clicks to your site, you pay 30 cents per click to your site and you know exactly how many clicks are going to come to your site and the guy who sends you a solo ad sends an ad out to his email list, which recommends your freebie or your website.

So they’re transferring their authority over to you, in a way, that’s what makes it the most effective way of generating traffic right now, in my opinion.

Because the ads are still cheap, it’s very effective for anybody who has the money to risk on it.

One place you can find a lot of great solo ad deals is by getting on Skype and talking to different solo ad sellers.

Watch as I show you the email list building tactic using skype and solo ads.

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