Have you heard that the money is in the list? Ever thought about the value of your relationships as a list building tool?

For one thing, relationships in your online business add equity and profit.

In these days with computers answering phones, selling you food, and recording your favorite shows, can relationships really make that much of a difference in our work life?

I’ve listed 4 quick aspects of relationships that do make a difference in your business, and why.

1. Getting to Know You

First, you meet a new person. That person gets to decide if they know you well enough to work with you. Every day in all that you do, you evaluate others and they evaluate you. You do this to determine if you know people.

Even after some time, you may say, I thought I knew him, for example, when someone does something unexpected. I constantly look for more evidence that I know those around me.

Finding and building traffic continues to pose the most serious challenge for most internet marketers or network marketing business online. But traffic is just the beginning of building a list.

You’ll find your own interaction with interested surfers critical. If you interact more, they will often respond more favorably to you, since they know you better.

2. She Likes Me, She Likes Me Not

Once you meet someone, and as you get to know them, you will also decide if you like that person. It’s natural. I, and probably you, too, want to be around people I like.

Your customers react the same way when they sign up on your list or buy from you. If they like what you do, and feel like they can get along with you personally, they will continue to support you. You can automate some of this by using social media sites, especially the 7 major ones (they aren’t hard to find).

Normally, I doubt that you or I spend much time asking ourselves if we like a dry cleaner or a grocery store. It’s more of an unconscious decision. The same goes online. As your visitors surf, they will look at site after site trying to find the answers to their questions.

When they find one they like, they stop and read or watch a video for a while. Maybe sign up on their list, though usually they want the next step before signing up.

3. Who Do You Trust

The next level in a relationship is trust. Once you feel you know someone, you like them, their style, their products, you also decide if you trust them.

Trust goes a bit deeper than the first two. You can help people trust you by maintaining the commitments you make, such as not spamming their email account.

These three are the keys to having a strong relationship with the people on your list. By strengthening that relationship, you create an asset through your list. Which makes relationship work one of the best list building tools.

4. The Best List Building Tool

According to Mike Dillard and many other successful individuals, such as Earl Nightingale, to help people know like and trust you, you must first give.

By giving first, you show that you want to help those on your list. When people see that you will put their needs over your desire to profit, they will sign up on your list, and buy your products.

You can show this by offering free content, free e-books, free video training, and more. In Mike’s case, he set up a free system to help marketers, and provided a way for each to build their own list.

What can you offer?

Free content is great, of course. People love that, especially if it helps them in some way. Others want real interaction, too.

Spend some time looking at these principles and building your own traffic, Build trust, get to know your list, let them get to know you. Give them something valuable that helps them, and they will stay with you, and come back for more.

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